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Re: emotion media player
Home away from home
2007/5/19 13:23
From England
Posts: 3544
@imagodespira Quote:
You can hit "w" while playing to fit the window to video size. We played around while developing and from all choices it was the best to make it this way.

But that's not what the "w" key does! Well, it does sort of, but in a way that is completely useless for my needs:

1. I start Emotion Player, and it appears with some window size.

2. I load a video. Emotion Player rescales the video to fit in the current window size. This usually means there are black borders above/below (or left/right) of the video, since the window's aspect ratio wasn't an exact match for the video's.

3. I press the "w" key, and the window is resized SMALLER, so as to remove the black borders.

So I don't see how you can tell me the "w" key will do what I want, because it doesn't. (I think in an older version of the Emotion Player it did do what I want (enlarge the window to the video's native size), but that behaviour was unexpectedly changed/removed.) i.e. It is ESSENTIALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get Emotion Player to show a video in it's native size (no scaling).

I really don't understand WHY this feature would be removed, because *every other video player ever made* (on Amiga or PC) either does this by default, or at least offers the option to do it.

And to make it worse, this useful feature (resizing the window to show the video at maximum quality) was replaced by a trivial feature (*) that can be manually replicated anyway - using LAmiga+LAlt+two arrow keys. (* reducing the window size slightly, so you can see your Workbench backdrop (etc) instead of black borders)

P.S. I fully support developers having the final say about what their program does or does not do (not that there is really any other option!). If it becomes clear to me that my misgivings are properly understood, and you are still adamantly against adding support for this feature, then I will drop the subject... albeit with great sadness, since I had high hopes Emotion Player could replace the good-but-imperfect LiveForIt-MPlayer. (And it seems VERY close to doing so.)

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Re: emotion media player
Just can't stay away
2012/8/14 12:51
From France
Posts: 1494

SMTube was broken recently because, apparently, YT doesn't allow anymore to don't use HTTPS to retrieve videos information.

SMTube author fixed the issue by removing the possibility to discard https "YT_DISCARD_HTTPS = FALSE" but now, Emotion doesn't work anymore with SMTube.

Is Emotion support https ?

I tried MickJT-Mplayer, it works well.

See here, for more detail :

http://www.amigans.net/modules/xforum ... id=109144#forumpost109144

Thank you

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