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Amiga Events : Amiga Events : WhatIFF? Amiga Guide Magazine Issue 11 is out!0
Posted by 328gts on 2023/9/14 11:03:28 (397 reads)
Amiga Events

Issue 11 is out now & you can download it at Aminet and www.whatiff.info

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Software News : RNOSlides released
Posted by jPV on 2023/9/13 23:48:19 (381 reads)
Software News

RNOSlides is a GUI based slideshow creator program, that can save slideshows as videos. The program can view saved slideshows, and play videos in various formats. Please check its homepage for features, screenshots, video demonstration, and download links.

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Software News : Robin Hood - Legend of Sherwood - New Preview Video
Posted by willemdrijver on 2023/9/13 13:22:11 (469 reads)
Software News

Latest realtime footage from our alpha version of Robin Hood - legend of Sherwood experimental port to Amiga/Apollo. This video shows the integrated "RiVA" based video playback (640x360@23.98fps) which is the current maximum on native Apollo V4 hardware. Intro plays right before actual gameplay and can be skipped with ESC key by user.

Robin Hood - Legend of Sherwood

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Publications : ASM - Das Computer-Spiel (The Director's Cut) (German version) released
Posted by AndreasM on 2023/9/13 13:21:33 (340 reads)

Originated from a coding contest in 1991 it is now - just 32 years later - finished: The graphic adventure about the German cult video game magazine "ASM"!

It is 1991. A normal day in the editorial office of the "ASM". You are the editor-in-chief, Manfred "Manni" Kleimann.
You wake up at your desk and realize: you have lost your memory. Who are all these strangers?
And what does the magazine's comic mascot "Space-Rat" have to do with all of this?

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Publications : Amiga Future issue 164 released
Posted by AndreasM on 2023/9/4 11:33:15 (270 reads)


The English and German issue 164 (September/October 2023) of our print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from our editorial office at Amiga Future, and from other Amiga dealers that stock it.

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Software News : Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood
Posted by willemdrijver on 2023/9/2 2:45:26 (589 reads)
Software News

Apollo Team would like to share the first results from an internal project we started a few months ago.
This project is an experimental exercise to explore the possibilities and limitations of Apollo V4 Series.
We took upon ourselves the challenge to make a port of “Robin Hood - Legend of Sherwood” (RHLOS).

RHLOS is a great RPG Game from SpellBound released in 2002 and intended for Pentium PC’s (233Mhz/64Mb).

Current stage of the project is that we have succeeded in getting the Game somewhat up-and-running on V4.
The FPS is obviously not on the level that we would like it to be, but basic gameplay is already possible . . .

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Publications : New articles on Obligement
Posted by daff on 2023/9/2 2:44:28 (383 reads)

The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement (http://obligement.free.fr) during the last two months:

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Hardware News : Alinea Computer: TV Port and OmniPort EX available
Posted by AmigaPapst on 2023/8/31 1:31:27 (493 reads)
Hardware News

Alinea Computer is very pleased to present the TV-Port as well as the OmniPort EX in two versions. The two products are port expansion boards that can also be combined well with each other.

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Software News : USB Audio on OS4
Posted by LyleHaze on 2023/8/27 11:47:23 (823 reads)
Software News

Ever wonder why OS4 doesn't have USB audio support (or webcams)?

It turns out that streaming audio and video use a different type of transfer that we had only very limited support for. Thanks to a lot of recent work by Thomas Graff Thoger, we now have isochronous transfers working!!

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Amiga Events : AmiWest 2023 Oct 12th-15th
Posted by tekmage on 2023/8/27 11:46:44 (316 reads)
Amiga Events

Hello Amiga Community,

AmiWest 2023 is coming fast! Going strong since 1998, this year will be the 26th year of the longest-running Amiga-focused show in the world. Set in Sacramento, CA, the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club and a dedicated group of volunteers host the event.

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