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Software News : Adventure "Ermentrud" finally coming this year
Posted by TimoInutilis on 2021/2/22 6:39:38 (230 reads)
Software News

The point’n’click adventure "Ermentrud" was originally developed between 2001 and 2004 for Amigas with a graphics card, but then abandoned. It was set in a medieval world and offered an absurd plot with absurd humor. And the hero had a cardboard horse.


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Software News : Hotfix for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update 2 available for download
Posted by walkero on 2021/1/12 19:51:05 (1039 reads)

Some users of update 2 for AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition have experienced stability issues after updating. This hotfix addresses these stability issues and fixes a couple of other minor issues found after the release of update 2.

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Software News : Update of the Amiga Games List
Posted by daff on 2021/1/12 18:27:00 (436 reads)
Software News

The Amiga Games List, a document created and maintained by David Brunet since April 1991, was updated on January 12, 2021 with the publication of its 51st edition. Among other news and corrections, games published or updated in 2020 have been added, and games created with Scorpion Engine and Haktar are now included.

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Software News : Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE only available until December 31st, 2020
Posted by softwarefailure on 2020/12/28 8:44:43 (450 reads)
Software News

Airsoft Softwair would like to inform you that Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE will only be available until December 31st, 2020. Thus, people who are thinking about purchasing Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE should make up their minds quickly.

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Software News : Update 2 for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition available for download
Posted by walkero on 2020/12/23 14:01:45 (902 reads)

Resized Image Hyperion Entertainment is proud to announce the immediate release of update 2 for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. Update 2 is by far the largest update ever released for AmigaOS and includes more than 200 updated components with hundreds of bug fixes, improvements and new features and six completely new OS components. The update is the combined effort of four years of AmigaOS development and will bring AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition to a completely new level of stability and usability.

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Software News : hURL 1.1 released
Posted by softwarefailure on 2020/12/21 21:14:52 (257 reads)
Software News

Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working elves in Christmas business, are back on your screen with a major update of hURL - the ultimate multi-protocol data transfer plugin for Hollywood which allows Hollywood scripts to transfer data using all kinds of different network protocols including full SSL support. Version 1.1 is a major update as it now includes full support for SFTP and SCP. Furthermore, this version contains a very important bugfix in the MorphOS version which is why MorphOS users should definitely upgrade to 1.1.

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Software News : "Robotics" add-on for Ask Me Up XXL!
Posted by glames on 2020/12/15 6:12:34 (216 reads)
Software News

The Robotics add-on is now available freely for Ask Me Up XXL, the quiz of general knowledge released for AmigaOS 4 computers. It includes 50 new questions about robots, 2226 in all!

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Software News : CHRISTMAS SALE: Price cut on games!
Posted by Rigo on 2020/12/7 18:24:45 (361 reads)
Software News

2020 has been a tough year and we all need a little entertainment in the dark months ahead! Therefore, we have decided to give the Amiga community an early Christmas present and massively reduced the price on our three available games.

We have reduced the prices for both the digital versions on our website and the suggested retail price we recommend to our dealers for the physical copies.

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Software News : Hollywood Designer 5.0 can now import PDFs with Polybios 1.3
Posted by softwarefailure on 2020/12/6 16:56:13 (287 reads)
Software News

This makes Hollywood Designer 5.0 the perfect Christmas present: Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working elves in snow business, are proud to present Polybios 1.3. This is a major update which makes it possible to import PDF pages into Hollywood Designer 5.0. Furthermore, it also adds full support for treating PDFs as vector animations in Hollywood and there are some bug fixes as well.

If you don't own Hollywood Designer 5.0 yet, please see here for all details on this powerful software for all your Amiga multimedia needs. This seriously makes a great Christmas present!

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Software News : Boxed Edition Sqrxz 4 released
Posted by AndreasM on 2020/12/4 0:04:12 (275 reads)
Software News

APC&TCP is proud to announce that after Trap Runner and Fred's Journey, Sqrxz 4 is now also available as a boxed edition.

As usual with Retroguru, the game was published in a DVD case with floppy disk, booklet and A3 poster.

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