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Amiga Events : Interview with Jérôme Senay
Posted by daff on 2022/9/28 15:01:08 (126 reads)
Amiga Events

The magazine Obligement publish today an interview with Jérôme Senay, an Amiga software developer, who has recently started publishing BOING, a french print magazine for all Amiga variants. You will know everything about this magazine, in addition to other topics such as Vampire, AmigaOS 4, System V54, AmigaDE, etc.

English version: http://obligement.free.fr/articles_tr ... ion/itwjeromesenay_en.php

French version: http://obligement.free.fr/articles/itwjeromesenay.php

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Amiga Events : ZitaFTP Server v1.34 - Pre-Release No More
Posted by Hans on 2022/9/12 9:38:49 (176 reads)
Amiga Events

ZitaFTP Server has reached a major milestone: it's no longer a pre-release. No, it doesn't mean that it's perfect. There are plenty more features that we'd like to add. It's now mature enough that the pre-release label can be removed.

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Amiga Events : Sam460LE: 2 months to go!
Posted by afxgroup on 2022/8/10 11:30:00 (351 reads)

Dear customers,

We would like to share with you an update about the production of the new Sam460LE. Well, to be short… the boards are expected to be ready by the end of September – yes, THIS September, just in time for AMIGA37 event (HINT: ACube will be present in Mönchengladbach, Germany… so connect the dots…).

We had to overcome many issues that slowed down the production, but now – finger crossed – we managed to fix them all.

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Amiga Events : Amiwest 2022 progress report
Posted by tekmage on 2022/7/25 9:45:57 (211 reads)
Amiga Events

Amiwest 2022 October 22-23rd

In honor of the 25th incarnation of Amiwest, the organizing team has been hard at work putting together an amazing show. First, the show hotel is currently under renovation and will be complete in September. So many attendees who stay in the hotel will be treated to refreshed rooms. The show hall is getting a new modern look with better lighting, a welcome change.

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Amiga Events : ZitaFTP Server v1.33 - Free Automated SSL Certificates
Posted by Hans on 2022/6/21 16:15:40 (226 reads)
Amiga Events

ZitaFTP Server v1.33 is out now.

This update comes with one major new feature: it can automatically get an SSL/TLS certificate, and renew it for free. Setting up an internet-accessible FTP server just got easier...

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Amiga Events : Announcement: Amiga Future's 'Special Edition' for the "Amiga 37" event
Posted by AndreasM on 2022/6/10 12:42:25 (207 reads)
Amiga Events

Intense planning for the project has been ongoing for many months, but we wanted to wait until everything was finalised before we announced it publicly.

That is, that there will be a 'Special Edition' of the Amiga Future for the Amiga 37 event.

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Amiga Events : ApolloBoot OMNI R8 Preview - 15 Minutes "realtime" Amiga fun
Posted by willemdrijver on 2022/4/25 14:57:47 (254 reads)
Amiga Events

Hello fellow Amiga lovers,

This 15-minute ApolloBoot OMNI R8 preview video time travels from 1988 to now through all of the Amiga OS history running on amazing Apollo V4 hardware.

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Amiga Events : DvPlayer V54.9 Released
Posted by amigakit on 2022/4/18 18:00:00 (410 reads)
Amiga Events

Happy Easter !

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce an update to DvPlayer V54, an advanced media player for the Enhancer Software.

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Amiga Events : WhatIFF?-AmigaGuide magaaine Issue 4 released
Posted by 328gts on 2022/4/10 11:45:00 (225 reads)
Amiga Events

Get your copy at WhatIFF? and also aminet

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Amiga Events : WhatIFF?- Amiga Guide magazine- Issue 2 released!
Posted by 328gts on 2022/2/5 12:23:45 (307 reads)
Amiga Events

Welcome to WhatIFF?, a new online Amiga magazine being distributed in Amiga Guide format. Our aim is to provide a source of information and guides on various Amiga software and hardware.

Issue 2 can be downloaded from http://whatiff.info/ and also aminet


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