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Amiga Events : AROS One x86 v2.2 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM on 2023/10/18 10:33:53 (688 reads) News by the same author
Amiga Events

AROS One x86 v2.2

New release of AROS One x86, many new features included in this new version, many software have been updated and new software has been added, even the games section includes new games installed.

Resized Image

AROS One x86 v2.2 includes the "Aros One x86" manual in PDF, GUIDE, HTM and DOC (PC-Windows) formats.

More information on all updates can be found in the attached list:

AROS One is distributed in DVD (ISO) format or USB image from "burned to Pendrive", useful as Live system or to quickly install AROS One on PC.

To the USB image needs to rename the extension according to the program to be used, usually .img, for AROS One we recommend the use of the excellent Rufus or Etcher

AROS One x86 v2.2 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v2.2 USB Flash: Download

Update Core ABIv0 :
- InstallAROS (Fix DualBoot)

Update AROS One OS System:
- On USB Image live created link to InstallAROS on Wanderer
- Create Script and related Icon for SMB2-Dismount
- Fix AmiStart menu
- Add AmiStart Prefs Script/Icon "No Backdrop"
- View Font "TTF" and "bitmap fonts" on Wanderer and Dopus4 with a simple double-click.
- New Themes OS4 by Miker
- New and fix Themes AROS One
- Fix Theme (Animazione Gadget)
- Improved and enlarged Wanderer top bar
DigiClock 'in transparent mode' is now placed on the top bar of Wanderer
- Add Source MUIClass on Free Pascal IDE
- Created Descriptor Datatypes PAS (Source Free Pascal)
- Created Icon Def_PAS (Source Free Pascal)
- ZuneARC, new AROS One icon-style buttons
- Fix def_ADF.info
- Fix Pointer Prefs (deadwood)
- OWB: Set as search engine DuckDuckGo (faster)
- LilCalendar can now also be found in Utilities
- DiskImageGUI moved to Utilities
- Complete installation packages of 4 types of Disk icons and 4 types of Drawer icons, plus 2 types of Apps icons, all icons were created by me for AROS One. The icons are only available for private use, not allowed to be used on other operating systems.

Update AROS One Apps:
- Loan
- ssh2fs v53.1
- SilkRAW v2.0
- AmiDream v0.2
- Zip.hwp v2.0 (PlugIn Hollywood)
- DigiClock v1.2 (update)
- Image2PDF v2.3
- AmiTranslate v0.3
- LilCalendar v2.7
- V.A.M.P. v3.10
- ArosVNC Single Threaded and MultiThreaded Fix
- WebpTools v1.3.2
- RNOSlides v1.0
- HollywoodSP Spanish Catalog for Hollywood 10

Update AROS One Games:
- Open Jazz Jackrabbit Xmas Full
- Siete Y Media v1.10 (Update)
- Blackjuan Poker Card v1.10 (Update)
- BlackIvan v1.0
- Golf GolfSolitaire v1.0
- Free Abuse v0.71
- Pingus v0.7.6

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Author Thread
Published: 2023/10/18 11:09  Updated: 2023/10/18 11:09
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 8900
You think its correct place to put aros based stuff on amigans ?:) only because admins tolerate some things, it doesnt mean one should post unrelated content there, for ppls who in interedt it other os, right ? There aw.net at least, where all flavors combined
Published: 2023/10/19 7:44  Updated: 2023/10/19 8:29
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: Spam
Sorry if I offended you, I am a 69 years old Amiga enthusiast, for me AROS is an Amiga, you should try it before judging.

AROS and a different (x86) way of using Amiga, such as Amiga Os4, OS1.3, OS 3.x or Amiga Emulation !

I apologise again, the admin if he deems it necessary can delete my News.
Published: 2023/10/19 11:16  Updated: 2023/10/19 11:21
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 8900
Do you post the same news on morphzone i assume too, then ? I mean, why you think it's ok to post AROS news on amigaos4 mostly based site ? Like, ppls here don't know what aros is, and where site and news about are if they need it ?:) I visit this site (and many of us too) , to have specific to OS of our choose news, and not about other ones. There is aw.net site which is united for everything. There are no needs to advocate me or others there to use aros or anything else, we tried it already and decide OS4 because want it, and not AROS, sorry.
Published: 2023/10/19 11:30  Updated: 2023/10/19 11:43
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: spam
In the meantime, this is not the first AROS One news made here on amigans.net, I had already made the one about AROS One v2.0 some time ago, see link !


Also, since AROS is an Amiga OS on X86, it may be that some users here are interested, maybe you are not well enough informed, but many AROS developers are also Amiga developers, you can find all the info on AROS everywhere, both on Amiga sites 'in the world', but also on sites dedicated to AROS, google is your friend for that!

I have almost all Amiga models installed, I also have an Amiga Distribution, AfA One (no longer distributed), see video !


In addition, my 'AROS One' Icons have been useful here on the forum!

https://www.amigans.net/modules/newbb/ ... &order=ASC&status=&mode=0
Published: 2023/10/19 12:33  Updated: 2023/10/19 12:35
Just popping in
Joined: 12/08/2006
From: Netherlands
Comments: 126
 Re: AROS One x86 v2.2 Released
Thank you!

There is also Apollo news posted here, and that should be fine too.
Published: 2023/10/21 8:02  Updated: 2023/10/21 8:04
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 8900
What if we instead will put aros news on aros sites, and apollo news on apollo sites ? Most of us here for amigaos4 content, not for aros or apollo one. IF one choose aros or apollo or whatever else, there is dedicated sites for it , no ? Why there reasons to spam us, os4 users, with unrelated content, there ? (taking into account that it is well-known that amigans.net is pro-os4 site) No one going to AROS or Apollo sites and post OS4 news on their sites. Why some of you think you need to spam us with it ?
Published: 2023/10/21 8:57  Updated: 2023/10/21 8:58
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: spam
The 'Different does create' in my opinion is a richness, staying in one's own oricle does not draw new ideas, new information, also for example, an OS4 user might like and use my icons (OS4 compatible), some have already done so, or might be interested in my configurations.
Published: 2023/10/29 10:49  Updated: 2023/10/29 10:49
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: spam
AROS One x86 v2.2: Play Online MP3 on Site AmigaRemix

Published: 2023/11/2 18:21  Updated: 2023/11/2 18:21
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: spam
Integration work on next AROS 32-bit release (the core system) has started. If you have a compatible hardware running previous version of AROS I encourage you to take part in tests so that bugs and regressions can be spotted and fixed.

More in this thread: https://arosworld.org/infusions/forum/ ... d=1142&pid=2537#post_2537
Published: 2023/11/26 16:55  Updated: 2023/11/26 16:55
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: spam
Connection AROS One x86 with USB Thethering via Android, for details read HERE
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