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Amiga Events : AROS One x86 v2.0 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM on 2023/4/2 0:42:17 (327 reads) News by the same author
Amiga Events

AROS One x86 v2.0 Released

New release of AROS One x86, many new features included in this new version,
many software have been updated and new software has been added,
even the games section includes new games installed.

AROS One x86 v2.0 includes the "Aros One x86" manual in PDF, GUIDE,
HTM and DOC (PC-Windows) formats.

More information on all updates can be found in the attached list:

Resized Image


AROS One is distributed in DVD (ISO) format or USB image from "burned to Pendrive",
useful as Live system or to quickly install AROS One on PC.

To the USB image needs to rename the extension according to the program to be used,
usually .img, for AROS One we recommend the use of the excellent Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One x86 v2.0 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v2.0 USB Flash: Download

Update AROS One OS System:

- Create New Set Icons System AfA One Style for the Whole Operating System
- Create number 6 Installer for Set Icons Disk
- Create nuber 4 Installer for Set Icons System
- Create Catalog.italian for ZunePaint
- Fix Theme OS4
- Fixed Theme Pearl Blue
- Fixed GIF Animations
- Add New Pointer 32Bit
- filesysbox.library v54.3
- smb2-handler v53.1
- nvidianet.device v1.1
- Create def_icons for Source file with c, c++, h, o extension
- Create Descriptor webp.datatype, now also recognizes "webp" files without extension
- Update GCC 6.5
- C ++ is not yet available, it will be soon
- Add info version Aros One on (About)
- Add info version Aros One on Barra Wanderer
- New Logo Installer Aros One
- All third-party software is now located in the "Extras/APPS" Folder.
- SMB2 tutorial for setting up a share with Windows, find all the Extras/Internet/SMB2
- Create Set Disk.info for SMB2 volume, they will insntall with one click, after creating the share volume
- Create two new Directories in SYS:System "Hardware" and "Debug" which includes the dedicated software

Update AROS One Apps:
- ComicOn v1.4
- HollyPaint v1.1
- Exutil v1.1.3
- Image2PDF v1.3
- Update WHDLoad v18.8 for WHD_MENU
- MUIInspector v1.0
- Asplit v2.03
- Zip HWP V1.2 (PlugIIn Hollywood )
- XML HWP v2.0 (PlugIn Hollywood)
- Fenachistoscopio v1.0
- WebpTools1.3.0
- RPN Scientific+ V1.02
- SMB2-handler v53.4
- Filesysbox.library 54.3
- Image2PDF v1.4
- Lunapaint v0.6.0
- AnimPlayer v2.4
- IconClone v1.9
- InstallerLG v1.0.2
- DirList v1.1
- IconClone v1.09 Update
- Vintage Song Player v2.50
- AmiSSL 4.12
- Videntium Picta v2.60
- AmiTube v1.4
- Tipografia v1.2
- V.A.M.P. v3.0
- AnimWebConverter v5.10

Update AROS One Games:
- OpenTyrian
- 1941-ExtremeDeluxe
- LazSokoban
- Added three skins for LazSokoban and a script for choosing the skin
- Update Hle Poker Card (Final Version)
- TecnoballZ

Update Core ABIv0 20201110:

Display free video memory in SysMon where supported (Kalamatee)
Initial work on supporting 3D acceleration in VMWare video driver (Kalamatee)
Implemented network driver for certain nVidia chipsets (Neil)
Initial work on scsi.device (Kalamatee)
Signal CxObject support implemented (Hakan Thorngren)
Support PUBSCREEN argument in Prefs/Appearance, BoingIconBar (Kalamatee)
Support PUBSCREEN argument in Tools/Clock and multiple Prefs applications (Hakan Thorngren)
Support PUBSCREEN variable support in intuition.library (o1i)
Improvements to rendering screen and window title bars (Kalamatee)
Allow video drivers to report display change (Kalamatee)
Prefs/IControl works better on low-resolution screens (Kalamatee)
Set overscan based on information coming from driver (Kalamatee)
Prefs/ScreenMode display more information about video modes (Kalamatee)
Prefs/Palette reworked to be more compatible with Intuition (Kalamatee)
Muimaster.library and built-in classes have been localized (Matthias Rustler)
Initial work on supporting long filenames in afs-handler (Kalamatee)
Palette preferences are now loaded into Intuition (Kalamatee)
Implemented SetMem, Strlcat, Strlcpy in utility.library (Kalamatee)
Implemented VSNPritnf in utility.library (Matthias Rustler)
AmigaPL font collection added (wawa)
Implemented GetKey, AddKBInt, RemKBInt, ElapsedTime in lowlevel.library (Kalamatee)
Part of functionality of SystemControlA in lowlevel.library available (Kalamatee)
Additional font collections added (Kalamatee)
Initial implementation of GetSegListInfo in dos.library (Kalamatee)
Allow loading AmigaOS-style hunk keymaps and fonts on AROS (Kalamatee)
Implemented AssignAddToList in dos.library (Kalamatee)
Implemented v45 datatypes.library functions (Kalamatee)
Introduced webp.datatype (Kalamatee)
Introduced ClockSource subsystem in Kernel (Kalamatee)
Improvements to file system handling in Wanderer (Bo Kopperud)
Public SDK not longer exposes internal AROS headers & libraries (deadwood)

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Author Thread
Published: 2023/10/13 17:37  Updated: 2023/10/13 17:38
Just popping in
Joined: 07/28/2022
From: Brindisi (Italy)
Comments: 53
 Re: AROS One x86 v2.0 Released
Aros-Exec IS BACK !!!

After the closure of the portal Aros-Exec, thanks to the support of "amigamia" owner of the portal "Arosword", AroS-Exec with all its contents comes back to life, these are the links to reach the two sites !!!



The new AROS One v2.2 is imminent:

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