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$50 Coupon from AInc.
Not too shy to talk
2006/11/29 1:00
Posts: 433
I'm not sure if this is the right time or place for this question, but...

Now that Amiga OS 4.0 final has been released, can those coupons that AInc was selling be redeemed? If so, how?

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Re: $50 Coupon from AInc.
Just can't stay away
2006/11/24 18:52
From Gloucestershire, UK.
Posts: 1169

I'd almost forgotten about those and I am a bit more skint than normal after the winter solstice...

Amiga user since 1985
AOS4, A-EON, IBrowse & Alinea Betatester

Ps. I hate the new amigans website. <shudder>
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Re: $50 Coupon from AInc.
Just popping in
2006/11/17 17:13
From Belgium
Posts: 236
Was that not when the full product is released? That is user-hardware + OS4.0?

I think it will be better to ask Bill McEwen about this instead of starting a new rumourmill.

A1G3-SE + OS4.1 u1 iso (x2)
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Re: $50 Coupon from AInc.
Amigans Defender
2006/11/26 23:16
From Canada
Posts: 986
HyperionMP on AW.net said there is supposed to be a pressed CD-ROM so perhaps we still can't really call it 100% finished just yet and Amiga Inc. has a few more weeks?

ExecSG Team Lead
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Re: $50 Coupon from AInc.
Home away from home
2006/11/26 21:45
From a story that hasn't been written yet
Posts: 3550

Hehe, call us lucky that we don´t have to wait for the CD to
play with OS4

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~ Sir Paul McCartney
Did everything just taste purple for a second? ~ Philip J. Fry
Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style, ladies vomit when I smile. ~ Dr.
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Re: $50 Coupon from AInc.
Supreme Council
2006/11/16 19:25
From Sweden
Posts: 3172
IIRC the 'new' amiga inc said that they won't honor the coupons. But I might be wrong. In any case, take this up directly with them and not here pelase.

Vacca foeda. Sum, ergo edo

Mr Bobo Cornwater
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