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Hardware News : Sam460LE special price
Posted by m3x on 2023/10/13 9:47:12 (458 reads)
Hardware News

Dear valued customers,

We have returned from the amazing Amiga38 exhibition, where we had the pleasure of meeting many fellow Amiga enthusiasts. We sincerely appreciate your support and the enjoyable moments we shared, all centered around our shared passion.

During the exhibition, we presented our Sam460LE board at a discounted price. We are excited to announce that we have decided to extend this special offer to coincide with the upcoming Amiwest event! Although we will not be physically present at the event, you can still take advantage of purchasing the Sam460LE from our store at the exclusive price of 729 Euros (excluding VAT) or 890 Euros (including VAT).

Thank you for your continuous support, and we look forward to serving you!

ACube Systems

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Hardware News : News from Alinea Computer: Wodem, KickRom-Flash and KickRom-Progger
Posted by AmigaPapst on 2023/10/13 9:47:04 (504 reads)
Hardware News

Alinea Computer presents three new products, which were presented to the public for the first time at Amiga 38.

The Wodem makes it possible to integrate any Amiga into a WLAN via the serial interface and to access the Internet via a TCP/IP stack. With the appropriate turbo card or interface card, speeds of up to 115,200 bps are possible. The configuration with Genesis or Telnet is described in detail in the manual supplied.
The Wodem can be purchased without accessories for 29.95 euros.
https://www.amiga-shop.net/en/Amiga-Ha ... or-every-Amiga::1304.html
Resized Image
KickRom Flash
The KickRom-Flash Adapter (version 1.4) is a programmable Flash-Rom replacement for EPROM devices (e.g. 27c400) or Kickstart-Roms in the Amiga computer. Up to 4 Kickstarts (512 kb each) can be loaded onto a component and switched via jumpers or a switch. The switch with the name KickRom-Switch is unfortunately not yet available, but will be released in a few weeks.
In addition to the standard version of the Flash-Rom module, there is currently a special version for the Amiga 600, as mechanical problems can occur there with the standard modules. The programming and deletion of the components is done with the programming device KickRom-Progger.
A KickRom flash can be purchased for 29.95 euros. In addition, a programming service is available for customers without a programming device.
lhttps://www.amiga-shop.net/en/Amiga-Ha ... 7C400-emulator::1305.html
Resized Image

KickRom Progger
With the KickRom Progger, Flash-Rom (27C400 emulators) devices up to version 1.4 from Alinea Computer can be programmed and read. In addition, 27C400 devices can also be read out. The programmer can be operated directly on your Amiga via the serial interface. In addition to the serial interface, the programmer can also be controlled via USB on any computer. The programmer is operated via its own firmware, which is controlled from the computer via a terminal programme and can therefore run on almost any platform.
The KickRom Progger is the world's first programmer that can program its own Kickstart roms directly on the Amiga.
The KickRom Progger can be purchased without accessories for 44.95 euros. Options include a zero-force socket and a serial cable for BigBox Amigas.
https://www.amiga-shop.net/en/Amiga-Ha ... gramming-device::1306.htm
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Hardware News : Alinea Computer: TV Port and OmniPort EX available
Posted by AmigaPapst on 2023/8/31 1:31:27 (664 reads)
Hardware News

Alinea Computer is very pleased to present the TV-Port as well as the OmniPort EX in two versions. The two products are port expansion boards that can also be combined well with each other.

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Hardware News : Breaking: A1222+ production underway through a 3-way agreement with ACube Systems, AAA Technology and A-EON Technology
Posted by Mikey_C on 2023/7/5 15:03:16 (1068 reads)

Cardiff: 29/06/2023

In an exciting collaboration of Amiga technology companies, ACube Systems, AAA Technology and A-EON Technology have come together to announce the production version of the long awaited A1222+ computer.

This joint effort brings a new era of collaborative computing for Amiga enthusiasts by leveraging the expertise and resources of the three companies. The A1222+ is custom designed to run AmigaOS 4.x and also supports compatible Linux PowerPC operating systems as well as AmigaOS 3.x under emulation.

Click [Read More] for further content.

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Hardware News : Amiga-News.de: Current availability of OS4 hardware
Posted by Primax on 2023/6/18 18:21:36 (922 reads)
Hardware News

After ACube Systems recently delivered the last boards to pre-orderers, including shops, Amiga-News.de asked the relevant Amiga shops if they had them on sale:

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Hardware News : Sam460LE shipping update
Posted by Elwood on 2023/6/10 12:05:48 (677 reads)
Hardware News

Dear Valued Customers,

We are thrilled to announce that all preordered Sam460LE boards have been shipped after extensive testing and preparation. We sincerely hope that our customers will enjoy using this latest Sam460 board, and we would like to express our gratitude to all of our preorder customers for making this board possible. Your continued support is truly appreciated.

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Hardware News : Sam460LE updates - part 2
Posted by m3x on 2023/3/4 17:47:20 (356 reads)
Hardware News

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 4 March 2023

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce that, finally, after all the delays we suffered, all the remaining Sam460LE boards were delivered to us from the assembly line, and we are finalizing the QA and functional tests.

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Hardware News : Alinea Computer: Power adapter for Subway USB cards released
Posted by AmigaPapst on 2023/1/25 11:20:58 (539 reads)
Hardware News

Alinea Computer is pleased to announce the final version of the new power adapter for the Subway USB and Subway 2021 USB card. First Prototypes were already presented at the Amiga 37. In the meantime the design was refined together with the Amiga community to ensure that all customer wishes could be taken into account.

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Hardware News : Sam460LE updates
Posted by Elwood on 2023/1/21 1:13:38 (483 reads)
Hardware News

Dear customers,

We have sent out as many boards as we could prepare.

Unfortunately, we received from our suppliers some faulty Ethernet controllers and therefore some boards failed the stress tests.
This will create a delay in the delivery of the remaining Sam460LE.

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Hardware News : UBoot 2015.b for Sam460EX / Sam460CR / Sam460LE boards available
Posted by m3x on 2022/12/24 12:14:28 (747 reads)
Hardware News

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 23 December 2022

ACube Systems is pleased to announce a new release of the U-Boot firmware for its Sam460 line of motherboards.

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