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Hardware News : AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
Posted by amigakit on 2013/7/20 16:10:09 (2150 reads) News by the same author
Hardware News

We are pleased to confirm that the third consumer batch of AmigaOne X1000 "First Contact" has started to arrive with us this week from Varisys.

We ask all remaining outstanding customers who have registered interest with us to Checkout here in order to not miss out. Thank you for your patience whilst the new batch was being manufactured and quality tested.

Important: Some customer email addresses have since expired or bounced back when we have tried to contact, please make contact with us if you have not received an email. We will try emailing twice before removing you from the list.

There will be some new driver updates installed on the latest systems as software development has been on-going in the meantime.


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Author Thread
Published: 2013/7/21 9:44  Updated: 2013/7/21 9:44
Just popping in
Joined: 09/24/2007
Comments: 22
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
I am on the 'registered interest' list, but since the announcement of the Cyrus boards that are supposed to be cheaper and more powerful I find myself wanting to wait for those, even if it's 18 months away.

£2200 is a lot of money, and if the Cyrus boards come in at, say, £1500 then I might stick with my Sam440. 18 months is not a long wait in Amiga terms.

It's a shame the new boards were announced as I'd have most probably bought an X1000 without the indecision. Can anyone come up with a sufficiently convincing case for getting the X1000 now?
Published: 2013/7/21 10:11  Updated: 2013/7/21 10:11
Home away from home
Joined: 11/30/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 2495
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
Great to see more x1000's being made.

Well, no one does know the price yet?? I'd get whats available now and not what will come in the future. Might take even longer than 18 months too.
Published: 2013/7/21 12:47  Updated: 2013/7/21 12:47
Just can't stay away
Joined: 10/25/2007
From: Gothenburg / Sweden
Comments: 1175
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
Nice, more x1000 users :)
Published: 2013/7/21 14:22  Updated: 2013/7/21 14:22
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
I purchased X1000 on June 25th
Basic system without VAT was €2,254.95
Published: 2013/7/21 14:23  Updated: 2013/7/21 14:23
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
Sufficient reason to get X1000 now ... there might be a quite long wait of at least one year until X2000 becomes avail. X2000 will be faster and support DDDR3, but will not have Altivec.
Published: 2013/7/21 15:32  Updated: 2013/7/21 15:34
Just popping in
Joined: 07/14/2009
From: Utah, USA
Comments: 238
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
Three reasons:
1) We don't know when you can buy a Cyrus. I think the X1000 took a year longer than anticipated? Can anyone confirm?

2) We don't know what the cost of the Cyrus will be. The cost estimations are using current pricing data. Depending on inflation, taxes, cost of materials, etc. It may cost more or less when it is produced.

3) We don't know when the hardware drivers will be ready. I don't think this matters much since the drivers eventually come, and there are plenty of PCI(e) cards supported.

Since you already have a SAM, maybe you'll be fine without an X1000. You could consider whether or not you want to enjoy an X1000 for the next couple of years more than you would if you wait for the Cyrus.
Published: 2013/7/22 6:57  Updated: 2013/7/22 6:57
Just popping in
Joined: 11/29/2006
From: Geneva CH
Comments: 227
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
I ordered one in FEBRUARY 2012 and never got it. Lost my hope also on this new batch
Published: 2013/7/22 9:45  Updated: 2013/7/22 9:45
Just popping in
Joined: 12/27/2006
Comments: 86
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
Have you tried contacting them?
Published: 2013/7/22 12:55  Updated: 2013/7/22 12:55
Just popping in
Joined: 11/29/2006
From: Geneva CH
Comments: 227
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
problem solved, order placed
Published: 2013/7/22 18:36  Updated: 2013/7/22 18:36
 Re: AmigaOne X1000 First Contact Latest Batch
You mean, you were on the waiting list, but now you have paid it? Big difference. I paid immediately two weeks ago and now my system is being built.

Its easier when they do have the boards - often waiting for new batch means also waiting for enough interest to show, then production ... so now is the time.

X1000? Promised Summer 2010 I believe, non beta testing selling started I believe December 2011 or so, so more then a year. Counting OS 4.2 is not yet out, its still kind of waiting (system was supposed to come with OS 4.2)

Now, Cyrus might do better if OS 4.2 is released meanwhile, hope first to be fully supported out of box, to brake that evil spell of betas.

Reason to get X1000? well, X2000 is on the long stick, and without X1000 selling its unlikely to happen completely. However, its also unlikely X1000 users will upgrade to X2000. So target are those who have SAMs and old A1s and Pegs.
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