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Flare enough [soon!]
Quite a regular
2007/2/27 10:47
From Gravity well
Posts: 583
<summary>I compiled Flare 1.05.03. </summary>

In gameplay terms, it has more content than the alpha/early stuff did, and an actual storyline (Empyrean). I played it for an hour as of now. I didn't play on a foreign OS, since the basic concept was familiar already. Although as far as I can remember, I compiled the older versions before playing as well.

Technobabble: libsdl2 is now used, I used the usual prebuilt ones and compiled statically... so if libsdl2 is improved, this needs a recompile to use it. But more importantly, I alluded to here (2014) that 0.19 wasn't really playable on my system. Now there is a separate timer. That means that the game world runs "as it should" irrespective of the framerate. It doesn't take unreasonably long to run from place to place. Just areas with rain are slower (graphically).

I accept a few "playtesters" in the sense, that I'm interested if it doesn't run for you, because I found only one issue and I'm going to work around
it not by altering the code, but by saying "don't do this".

I noticed the graphics do not draw fully with hardware acceleration, but at least running the game like this, it is immediately discernible when the menu screen shows up. As I haven't had a crash or other nuisance from it,
I'll just put a remark that in settings you need to have "hwsurface=0". I think I'll forego the installer script: I'm not even sure how to alter such a plain text setting file from that environment.

PM me if you want to eliminate the obvious "runs only on the one system"-type problems. Most likely going to upload on a weekday this week. OS4Depot.net, yes.


This was -almost- as easy* as the stuff four years ago and earlier, but at least I've long documented the finished cases (tip of the iceberg!) enough to be able to get back to work promptly.

* earlier this year I wasn't able to put together two intermediate builds

edit: THIS weekend doesn't really move things forward, so let's see about week 21.

Edited by Thematic on 2018/5/17 16:59:24
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Re: Flare enough [soon!]
Just popping in
2008/8/21 0:11
Posts: 52

I'd be happy to give it a try on my X5K. Feel free to PM me the details for download.

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

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Re: Flare enough [soon!]
Not too shy to talk
2006/12/6 19:36
Posts: 429
I could test it on sam440, x1000 and x5000if you still need

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Re: Flare enough [soon!]
Not too shy to talk
2006/11/28 22:14
From Perugia, ITALY
Posts: 337

if you still need here Peg2 G4

Simone"Tuxedo"Monsignori, Perugia, ITALY.
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Re: Flare enough [soon!]
Home away from home
2009/7/7 3:34
From Toronto, Canada
Posts: 2242

PM sent ! been playing Flare on my X1000 since 1st version out for Amiga

c64-dual sids, A1000, A1200-060@50, A4000-CSMKIII
Indivision AGA & Catweasel MK4+= Amazing
! My Master Miggies-Amiga1000 & AmigaONE X1000 !

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Re: Flare enough [soon!]
Just popping in
2008/3/5 16:34
From France (Bretagne)
Posts: 175
PM sent too. I finished the last version of Flare on my Sam. Very great game !

Os4.1 Final Edition
2GB Fast Memory
envy 24 HT sound card
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