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Aleph One
Just popping in
2007/7/14 20:30
From Lothric
Posts: 223
I saw a comment on OS4Depot but couldn't reply it due to captcha. Yes, I'm a bot.

So here is my response:

Alephone seems to be still in development and apparently they use SDL2. Maybe the AmigaOS 4 port could be refreshed.

(it just needs time and motivation)


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Re: Aleph One
Home away from home
2007/5/19 13:23
From England
Posts: 3341
@Capehill Quote:
I saw a comment on OS4Depot but couldn't reply it due to captcha. Yes, I'm a bot.

I've had major trouble with OS4Depot's Captcha too. IIRC, it seems to treats upper & lower case as different, making it virtually impossible to answer correctly.

Author of the PortablE programming language.
I love using Amiga OS4.1
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue...
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Re: Aleph One
Not too shy to talk
2007/6/28 22:41
From Spain
Posts: 351

Aleph One is a fucking real good game!!! Enjoy yourselves this Mac user port because I mean is playable at all.

Did it on my Amiga One

Amiga 500 1MB,CD32,Amiga 1300 030/50 Mhz,32MB (on ASB-Computer since 2005)and Amiga One G3 XE PPC 800 Mhz,ATI Radeon 9250 128 MB,256 MB RAM,Seagate 200 GB HD,2 working DVD drives,X-Arcade double for MAME,Sil0680,4 USB ports,LG LCD 19'' monitor and Am...
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Re: Aleph One
Quite a regular
2008/4/10 13:57
From Northern Ireland
Posts: 864
It is a really good game! I am really grateful of the port. My question on OS4depot was about HW gfx support. Will it come?

AmigaOne X1000.
Radeon R9 270X

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Re: Aleph One
Supreme Council
2006/11/16 19:25
From Sweden
Posts: 3074
Just FYI, the captcha on OS4Depot is case insensitive.

Vacca foeda. Sum, ergo edo

Mr Bobo Cornwater
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