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Software News : New Update 2 of AmigaOS 3.2 available for download NOW
Posted by Chris on 2023/3/4 13:58:27 (299 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Brussels – March 3, 2023

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA is proud to provide the second free update of AmigaOS 3.2.

This new update demonstrates the developers' continued dedication to ensure that AmigaOS 3.2 is the most capable and most stable operating system ever for 68K based Amigas.

If you do not already own a copy of AmigaOS 3.2, there is now even more reason to get one from your favourite dealer!

The team of developers and testers have worked tirelessly ever since the release of AmigaOS 3.2.1 on fixing bugs and implementing a number of new features.

The highlights of the new features and fixes of AmigaOS 3.2.2 are as follows:

TextEdit has seen several improvements to its extension interface, and has gained an "About" menu item;
“Showconfig” now shows 68060 revision;
“IconEdit” now notifies the user if someone else modifies the icon file that is being edited. And pressing the help key brings up help. The whole color handling of colorful icons has been improved so icons can no longer degrade. Users may end up in a situation wherein it will look worse than on a perfect display, but it will not degrade the icon. As such the dreaded "downgrade" dialog doesn't happen anymore, but in some cases “IconEdit” will open on a separate screen;
“Kickstart” can now boot with earlier Workbench and icon library versions if they are present on the boot volume. This allows for installation of the ROM whilst retaining the ability to boot any AmigaOS version from 3.1 to 3.9, before installation of AmigaOS 3.2 on a volume;
The sketchboard.gadget has seen some speed improvements, that should be noticeable when using IconEdit;
The listbrowser.gadget has had a complete overhaul, making the file much smaller, and a bit faster;
The layout.gadget has had a complete overhaul;
The window.class has had a complete overhaul;
The RAM disk has had a complete overhaul so it is much less likely to cause issues;
Improved “Locale “support
Updated version of boards.library
You can download Update 2 for AmigaOS 3.2 [url=https://www.hyperion-entertainment.com/index.php/downloads?view=download&layout=form&file=128]here[/URL]

Hyperion wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the AmigaOS 3.x development team as well as the beta-testers for their ceaseless efforts.

If YOU want to support our efforts further, please head over to our AmigaOS merchandise store.

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Author Thread
Published: 2023/3/4 23:55  Updated: 2023/3/4 23:55
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 03/15/2008
From: Alberta, Canada
Comments: 453
 New Update 2 of AmigaOS 3.2 available for download NOW
Amiga OS 3.2.2 update completed. I currently use emulation: - one using A2000 ROM, OCS, NTSC and boring non-coloured icons. - one using A1200 ROM, AGA, Picasso96, uaegfx and beautiful coloured icons. Amiga OS 3.2.2 running on e-uae running on Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition Update 2. "Host" computer is my ancient MicroAmigaOne, which I purchased in 2004. Thanks to all involved. --- redfox
Published: 2023/3/4 23:59  Updated: 2023/3/5 0:46
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 03/15/2008
From: Alberta, Canada
Comments: 453
 Re: New Update 2 of AmigaOS 3.2 available for download NOW
Yikes ... that post didn't work out as planned.
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