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Software News : Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sam460ex
Posted by Elwood on 2011/6/3 22:15:25 (1148 reads) News by the same author
Software News

ACube Systems announces the immediate release of the fpga.resource. This is an OS4 component that provides access to the I/O expansion bus found on the Sam460ex boards.

There are 80 I/O pins on the J22 connector, organized as 5 banks (each bank with 16 I/O pins) or as 80 single pins.

The archive contains both documentation and example source codes.

Check the documentation which comes with this executable for the pin-out layout.

Get the archive (soon on OS4depot): fpga_res-53.1.lha

For technical guys we would like to remember there is also an I2C resource on OS4depot. Check i2c.resource.lha

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Author Thread
Published: 2011/6/3 22:33  Updated: 2011/6/3 22:33
Home away from home
Joined: 11/30/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 2471
 Re: Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sa...
Can this be used for anything nice?
Published: 2011/6/4 8:32  Updated: 2011/6/4 8:32
Home away from home
Joined: 05/19/2007
From: England
Comments: 3553
 Re: Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sa...
This looks pretty cool, and very easy to use! You'd only need to get a suitable connector to plug into the Sam460, and then you could do raw I/O. I'm sure with a little thought there could be some useful applications...

I was also surprised to see that the I2C resource works on my Sam440 too. I think I2C is potentially more interesting than raw I/O, since it's an actual networked data protocol (which is both easy to set-up & easy to use, albiet a little slow by modern standards). Perhaps I should investigate what cheap I2C devices are available to buy...
Published: 2011/6/6 17:46  Updated: 2011/6/6 17:46
Just popping in
Joined: 12/14/2006
Comments: 151
 Re: Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sa...
I can already see one definite use for this as a reprap printer controller...

literally create a 3D object on the Amiga and
use a "RepRap" plugin for any 3D software to
directly print it out...

I would definitely like to try and use the FPGA
on a sam440ep or sam460ex to run a reprap myself
as it needs 4 I2C ports and that header has
more than enough pins for that and more...

Maybe even do a full "Battlebots" armature around
a sam440ep as system master? :)

Definitely interesting and lots of possibilities!
Published: 2011/6/7 1:06  Updated: 2011/6/7 1:06
Quite a regular
Joined: 09/20/2008
From: Gothenburg, Sweden (via Finland)
Comments: 520
 Re: Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sa...
Published: 2011/6/7 21:33  Updated: 2011/6/7 21:33
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 03/30/2007
Comments: 276
 Re: Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sa...
Very good ! Nice to see that the hardware is becoming more and more supported. I wait for stuff that will use that now.
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