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Software News : WookieChat 2.12 beta 14
Posted by jahc on 2010/7/21 8:45:28 (1481 reads) News by the same author
Software News

A new wookiechat has been released, read more for details:

MAKE A COPY OF YOUR SERVERS.TXT FILE BEFORE YOU RUN THIS! just in case you want to go back to an earlier beta.

ALSO, MAKE SURE you copy the new nicklist graphic file over and not just the executable. "progdir:nicklist/smilies/owner"

- Edit cut/copy/paste menu items affect all string gadgets in the Main chat window now. So you can paste to the topic again.
- Channel and Private messages dont appear as lower case in Ringhio popups anymore.
- Removed charset configuration (for now) in favor of defaulting to converting UTF-8 characters to the default system charset. Makes things much simpler.
- Whois commands show idle time now
- When joining networks and channels on startup, some tabs werent scrolled all the way to the end before opening the new tab
- Added individual server prefs for nick name, username and real name, if you dont want to use the global prefs. But still buggy, you cant have a space in the server real name field.
- Added a red graphical icon for the "!" status mode, in the nicklist
- No more crashes on IRCnet channels that begin with the "!" character now

I've been tinkering with this every now and then for a while. Might as well release it.

Click on WookieChat at the top, then click on the betas link at the top to get a list of the available betas in that folder..

(no direct links to the wookiechat page please, or else my nav bar wont load)..

I havent done the other compiles yet, only the OS4 version is ready.

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Author Thread
Published: 2010/7/21 8:53  Updated: 2010/7/21 8:54
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 7737
 Re: WookieChat 2.12 beta 14
Good that you are developer who listen users and fix the problems and add new features about which users ask you. That is real example of good developer, and in end, we have app, which use imho everyone today. Thanks for.
Published: 2010/7/21 9:18  Updated: 2010/7/21 9:18
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 11/30/2006
Comments: 449
 Re: WookieChat 2.12 beta 14
Thanks Jahc...
Published: 2010/7/21 13:17  Updated: 2010/7/21 13:17
Home away from home
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: Italy, Perugia
Comments: 3498
 Re: WookieChat 2.12 beta 14
Many thanks Jahc... !
Published: 2010/7/21 17:10  Updated: 2010/7/21 17:10
Just can't stay away
Joined: 02/23/2007
From: Finland, the land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki
Comments: 1119
 Re: WookieChat 2.12 beta 14

Congrats ! And Thanks !
Published: 2010/7/24 10:17  Updated: 2010/7/24 10:17
Quite a regular
Joined: 07/23/2007
Comments: 750
 Re: WookieChat 2.12 beta 14

Thanks mate.
Published: 2010/7/25 22:25  Updated: 2010/7/25 22:25
Just can't stay away
Joined: 10/25/2007
From: Gothenburg / Sweden
Comments: 1175
 Re: WookieChat 2.12 beta 14
thanks Jahc
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