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AmiKit IRC session log
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

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Amigaweb.net team organized an AmiKit IRC session. Read the log here.

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Re: AmiKit IRC session log
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

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You have done brilliant work, please keep it up. Using an emulated environment keeps "the home fires burning" and when the idiotic hw/court situation clears there will be more potential users because of your (and to be fair, others, who allow the use of their SW) extrordinary efforts.

I had Amikit running on X 86 Ubuntu for a while (under E-UAE) but I screwed around and lost it, I had about 95% working, the killer was the startup scripts which I started to play with when I added my bought SW.

It almost works on AOS4 -E-UAE but there is a memory leakage problem with the latest version but evilrich is aware of that so maybe it will be sorted in later releases.

What would be brilliant is if some of those tools and programs could be updated to PPC but maybe that also is not really needed, it would just be nice to move away from 68k dependancy, although once again if it does work who cares.

You couldn't have studied 2 more profound areas and be an Amigan!!!!!! Good luck in you chosen profession.



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