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Re: CodeBench 0.42
Just popping in
2006/11/27 17:27
Posts: 240
I'd like to use both versions of CodeBench. What is the best practice to install the HW and the GCC version together?

Created an svn repository used by the AAMP Subversion package. I can't use fully the Syncronize function of CodeBench with it. Is that svn release supported/tested?

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Re: CodeBench 0.42
Supreme Council
2006/11/19 18:16
From London, England
Posts: 1345

1) As far as installing both versions goes, probably the best way is to install one version, then rename the directory it lives in to something different, then install the other version.

2) Yes, the svn plugin works just fine. It is used with the AmigaOS OS4 quite a lot, and sourceforge etc.

You would be better off to use the dedicated forums where your problems can be fully investigated.


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Re: CodeBench 0.42
Just popping in
2006/12/2 11:14
From South Florida, USA
Posts: 196

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Re: CodeBench 0.42
Just can't stay away
2012/8/14 13:51
From France
Posts: 1496
I use exclusively CodeBench for all my programs. CodeBench is great.
Unfortunately, some stranges freezes time to time that i reported on your beta forums years ago.
Any chances that you release or sell your current beta version ?

Edited by zzd10h on 2017/6/17 9:51:30
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