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Armiga Project
Just popping in
2014/3/24 18:18
From Canarias
Posts: 1

We are developing the Armiga Project (http://www.armigaproject.com), which aims to "bring back" the Amiga500 in a modern form factor. We have several prototypes running (two of them were presented at Retromadrid) and have launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/armiga-project).

Resized Image

You can watch our last video at @RetroMadrid

Yo can also watch te evolution of our project on our youtube channel:

Resized Image

I hope you find the project interesting enough.


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Re: Armiga Project
Quite a regular
2010/3/28 15:03
From None
Posts: 698
Buenas Luis, es interesante vuestro proyecto pero que garantias dais que es un proyecto serio y con futuro y no ejem, un proyecto fantasma, como ha habido tantos en el mundo Amiga cuyos nombres no quiero decir tanto en hardware como en software?

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Re: Armiga Project
Just popping in
2014/5/4 7:33
From Moers, Germany
Posts: 10
I will answer in English because my spanish is not that good and most people here don't speak spanish:

I don't think that this project is just a fantasy-project. It is possible to make your own box, put a Raspberry Pi or similar already existing board into it, together with a FDD and a controller board.
BUT: What's the point of it? You can't use old, copy-protected disks, because the you don't have a real Amiga FDD, or a suitable controller/software in it. For old games there are already so many ADFs premade available. That leaves just a nice case and a standard ARM-board with eUAE on it. What's the point of that? You can already buy that for 30 Euro. If you want a real emulator in hardware, there is the Minimig, which offers much more features for almost the same amount of money. Or you can buy a real Amiga 500 for about 10 EUR on a flea-market.
So you should rethink your project: Just make a nice casing for a Raspberry Pi and an image for or design something that gives an advantage above existing hardware like a case for the Raspberry Pi with a built-in keyboard an Aeros with RunInUAE as operating system. But forget the FDD.

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Re: Armiga Project
Home away from home
2006/12/4 23:15
Posts: 2268
The name "Armiga" is surely bending trademark rules a little?

Blender For OS4.x : Blues : Walker Broad
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Re: Armiga Project
Not too shy to talk
2008/12/20 17:26
Posts: 259

Interesting project.

But I think I will not be a paying supporter as I moved on from A500 in 1989 already.
(used big box Amigas after that and did 90% of others stuff than games)

but hmmm... using your case as AretroMIGA case for PPC powered HW would be appealing to me.

- Kimmo
"PowerPC Operating Systems can use a microkernel architecture with all it�s advantages yet without the cost of slow context switches." - N. Blachford
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