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Amigans News : AmigaOS 3.1.4 Emulation - polish eBook
Posted by radzik on 2020/9/26 20:10:04 (452 reads)
Amigans News

Last month, I published a new ebook about AmigaOS 3.1.4 - Emulation. From the book, you will learn how to configure the system from scratch, how to surf the internet, install games, play mp3, movies, and much more! The target is not only the emulated Amiga!

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Amigans News : AMIcast @ Spotify
Posted by radzik on 2020/5/25 13:29:26 (611 reads)
Amigans News

The AMIcast podcast is now available on Spotify. Enjoy!

https://open.spotify.com/show/4fZdwHSL ... si=C91vfvR8SRiMar4cZV5uZg

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Amigans News : Amiga WARP Calendar 2020
Posted by dooz on 2020/3/7 20:33:37 (424 reads)
Amigans News

Croatian Amiga WARP Organization published new calendar for year 2020 available in PDF format in English and Croatian language. Calendar is free for download and use. The main theme this year is 35 years of Amiga.

Calendar can be download from: Amiga Warp Organization


Amigans News : AMIcast - Text Interview 14 - Andreas Magerl / Amiga Future
Posted by radzik on 2018/8/13 6:25:26 (507 reads)
Amigans News

The great text interview with Andreas from the Amiga Future!

Amiga Future has 20 years! This magazine is still active. And there is Andreas Magerl, the guy that makes it possible. Let's talk about the past and the future of his business.

http://www.amigapodcast.com/2018/08/a ... interview-14-andreas.html


Amigans News : AMIcast - Special Episode 7 - Pixel Heaven 2018 Poland
Posted by radzik on 2018/7/11 22:07:56 (654 reads)
Amigans News

Pixel Heaven is a big, great indie and retro gaming party. In this year it was the 6th edition. Party is always in Warsaw / Poland. Let's have a look at it.

Pixel Heaven is a commercial event. It was a great opportunity to promote Amiga NG! And we did it! I was surprised how many people were interested with AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS! It shows that NG movement should be promoted outside typical retro only Amiga parties.

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Amigans News : AMIcast - Text Interview 12 - Boing Attitude - software house for Amiga and more
Posted by radzik on 2018/1/21 15:47:53 (598 reads)
Amigans News

AMIcast is back with really good text interview - Boing Attitude. Software from Glames is around us for some years. Boing Attitude is responsible for education/games software like: Ask Me Up and great file manager Dir Me Up. Besides of Amiga, Boing Attitude is creating apps for another system like MS Windows or Android.

http://www.amigapodcast.com/2018/01/a ... t-interview-12-boing.html

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Amigans News : AMIcast - Text Interview 11 - HunoPPC - game ports for Amiga!
Posted by radzik on 2017/12/7 16:38:29 (855 reads)
Amigans News

It took a lot of time to publish this great interview. Sorry for this, but the last couple of months were without Amiga stuff. But now, you can read the great text with the great man! Interesting games and more! Point of view from developer side! Enjoy!

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Amigans News : Amiga Ireland Podcast - 21 Questions to... Episode 5.1 – Eddy Carroll – Author of SnoopDOS
Posted by Sir_Lucas on 2017/7/23 13:31:36 (543 reads)
Amigans News

Eddy Carroll is the Irish author of the legendary SnoopDOS application for Amiga. From the Commodore PET to Amiga and beyond, Eddy’s experiences and contributions had a profound effect on the scene. SnoopDOS in particular spread like wildfire around the globe and is still a staple of many Amiga users today.



Amigans News : Workbench Explorer
Posted by mritter0 on 2017/5/1 23:20:39 (981 reads)
Amigans News

I have uploaded my project Workbench Explorer (WEx) to Aminet and OS4Depot, and also Amiga On The Lake.

It is a modern file browser for OS4.1+ loaded with the usual features and many custom ones.

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Amigans News : AMIcast - Episode 21 - David Pleasance
Posted by radzik on 2017/3/12 20:31:07 (670 reads)
Amigans News

It took some time to have new episode of AMIcast. It was worth to wait! David Pleasance is my guest. We met at the Amiga Ireland MeetUp. This episode has one more surprise. Now AMIcast has two hosts. ;) Please, welcome Lukasz. Polish guy living in the UK.

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