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Amiga Events : Gamescom, this year only in digital form.
Posted by AndreasM on 2020/8/27 22:36:15 (534 reads)
Amiga Events

Amiga Future is present with its livestream and we will be talking about what’s happening right now around Amiga. We will also reminisce about the classic times.

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Amiga Events : AMIcast - Special Episode 10 - Amiga News
Posted by radzik on 2020/6/16 10:02:34 (657 reads)
Amiga Events

The Special Episode 10 of AMIcast is here. It was a long break in publishing the AMIcast SE, so what happened meanwhile?
http://www.amigapodcast.com/2020/06/a ... pisode-10-amiga-news.html

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Amiga Events : Spotless Released
Posted by elfpipe on 2020/4/28 17:56:13 (1282 reads)
Amiga Events

Spotless is a source debugging tool for Amiga. Distinguishing qualities compared to similar software is simplicity and completeness. Spotless is written in c++ and the code is open at this point for public inspection. Spotless has a ReAction frontend, but also comes as a standalone cli tool. In this case it is called SimpleDebug.

http://os4depot.net/?function=showfil ... opment/debug/spotless.lha

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Amiga Events : XMP plugin for Hollywood released
Posted by softwarefailure on 2020/4/5 20:27:17 (908 reads)
Amiga Events

A blast from the past! Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present the XMP plugin for Hollywood. Once this plugin is installed, Hollywood will "automagically" be able to play almost all flavours of Amiga & PC tracker module formats. All formats that are supported by the Extended Module Player library (XMP) by Claudio Matsuoka and Hipolito Carraro Jr can now be played with Hollywood! For example FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, The Player 4/5/6, NoisePacker, ProRunner, Oktalyzer, Impulse Tracker, Ultra Tracker, Ice Tracker, Liquid Tracker, Quadra Composer, and many more.

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Amiga Events : MiniGL for GL4ES
Posted by kas1e on 2019/12/31 19:54:26 (1108 reads)
Amiga Events

Daniel made a Xmas present to all of us, I just quote what he wrote on his Facebook page:

Merry Xmas and a happy new year 2020 to all the AmigaOS4 crowd around the globe :)

For all the poor souls with a Polaris card and thus without full 3D support this little gift might come handy, now available on os4depot:

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Amiga Events : ZitaFTP Server Gets a Docky - Epiphany Update
Posted by Hans on 2019/12/30 9:26:54 (1375 reads)
Amiga Events

Two anonuncements of news:
- ZitaFTP Server gets a docky, and
- Epiphany special: get ZitaFTP Server for the original release price (15% off standard).

I'm pleased to announce that ZitaFTP Server has the first part of the planned GUI. It was supposed to be released before Christmas, but got delayed. So, it's now done, so this is the Epiphany update.

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Amiga Events : GL4ES Round 3: Massive XMAS releases !
Posted by kas1e on 2019/12/25 20:25:38 (1986 reads)
Amiga Events

... What is GL4ES ? ...

GL4ES is an OpenGL 2.x/1.5 to GL ES 2.0/1.1 translation library, with support for Pandora, ODroid, OrangePI, CHIP, Raspberry PI, Android and AmigaOS4. Writen by Sebastien "ptitSeb" Chevalier.

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Amiga Events : Enhancer update: new ogles2, warp3dnova and radeonhd
Posted by kas1e on 2019/12/25 20:24:23 (1485 reads)
Amiga Events

Everyone who has registered a copy of the Enhancer Software pack can fire-up Updater now and got a new version of ogles2.library (v2.11), warp3dnova.library (1.68) and RadeonHD (3.7).

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Amiga Events : Merry Christmas
Posted by orgin on 2019/12/24 10:20:00 (757 reads)

The amigans.net staff wishes you all a

Merry Merry Christmas!

Resized Image

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Amiga Events : Best Amiga Game Musics with cover art+gameplay+ending with title music lenght
Posted by gamemusicfan on 2019/12/18 9:31:54 (760 reads)
Amiga Events

Hello everybody,

I started new project (started from Amiga) , it will be biggest game music channel in to the world.

Every game musics with Original cover art picture, gameplay and ending only during the titles music length. Without boring , just back to the past with good memories...

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