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Software News : Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 11.Aug.2008
Posted by LiveForIt on 2008/8/12 21:42:10 (1679 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Basilisk II is an open source 68k Macintosh emulator. It can emulate
either a Mac Classic or a Mac II series machine with colour display
and sound.

* RDB support
* Displays diskimage and partition size (when found!)
* Mouse wheel support (NEW).
* Harddisk support with 64bit addressing
* Ethernet support (not tested)
* Supports LUT and ARGB display modes on all screens including Workbench
* Supports CD-ROM
* All PC keyboard keys are supported in emulation

Note to PowerUp users: it is probably better run Shapeshifter or Fusion on
the 68k than Basilisk II on the PPC. Basilisk II uses UAE CPU engine and
BPPC/CSPPC is too weak.

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 11.Aug.2008:

* Mouse wheel support.
* Ethernet fixes, (don't know if they work).
* ASL fileselector for ethernet device
* New "Add bootdisk" button.
* Shows partition and diskimage size in GUI.

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 3.Aug.2008:

* Added ASL fileselector for ROM and diskimages.

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 7.Nov.2007:
* Marged the AmigaOS3.x sources whit MorphOS sources.
* Removed MUI stuff
* Simplified error messages (NO MUI STUFF)
* Added reaction GUI
* Removed TD64 support
* Fixed bug in disk support (random memory corruption)
* Added NSD64 (large disk support used in OS3.5/3.9/4.0)
* Removed Cybergraphic stuff not relevent to AmigaOS4.
* added Picasso96 support from OS3.x
* removed direct videooutput (none working videomodes) slower but works
* Added RDB support, no need to enter start and size in blocks.
* New Icon from Martin "Mason" Merz
* Buggy exit code fixed.

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Author Thread
Published: 2008/8/13 2:19  Updated: 2008/8/13 2:19
Just popping in
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: VA, USA
Comments: 237
 Re: Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 11.Aug.2008

THANKS for your work on Basilisk!

I've gotten it up and running on my A1... Now I just need to dig out
some old ZIP disks and see about what software still runs.

Is there any realistic possibility the slow UAE 68k emulation might
ever get replaced with OS4's (seemingly faster) 68k interpreter or
maybe even the blazing Petunia JIT engine?


Published: 2008/8/13 10:33  Updated: 2008/8/13 12:05
Home away from home
Joined: 11/20/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 2739
 Re: Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 11.Aug.2008

OS4's (seemingly faster) 68k interpreter or maybe even the blazing Petunia JIT engine?

I don't think that is possible, OS4 68k JIT lives in the address from 0 and up.
MacOS lives in address space offset from AllocVec( MacAddressSpace, MEMF_VIRTUAL|MEMF_CLEAR );

Even if was possible to some how move the memory using the PowerPC MMU, it will be virtually impossible get Basilisk interact whit OS4 like it needs to.
Published: 2008/8/13 17:54  Updated: 2008/8/13 17:54
Home away from home
Joined: 11/30/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 2470
 Re: Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 11.Aug.2008
Good work old man
But strange version numbers you got though!
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