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Software News : Quake 2 as digital version for AmigaOS 4
Posted by AmigaPapst on 2024/4/17 0:31:03 (481 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Quake 2 as digital version for AmigaOS 4

Alinea Computer is pleased to announce that it has taken over the distribution of Quake 2 for AmigaOS 4. The first Amiga version of Quake 2 was released in 2002 by Hyperion Entertainment and has been continued and greatly improved in this tradition.
Steffen Häuser is responsible for the port and has implemented numerous improvements. In addition to support for the various mission CDs and MODS, GL4ES/Warp3DNova support and playback of the soundtracks as OGG Vorbis have also been realised.

The AmigaOS 4 version of Quake 2 costs 14.95 Euro and is available for download at Amiga-Shop.net.
Please note that the data files of the PC version are required to run the AmigaOS 4 version of Quake 2. These can be purchased at a favourable price via Steam, for example.
Free MODS and Mission CDs are already available on Aminet.

Here are all the features and system requirements at a glance:


-AmigaOS 4 native version
-GL4ES, MiniGL and Software Renderer
-full support for Mission CDs The Reckoning and Ground Zero
-Ports to the unofficial mission CD Zaero and to about 50 multiplayer mods will be released soon on os4depot/Aminet, these downloads require the new version of Quake 2
-AmigaInput Support
-CD Audio works again (the old version only worked with older CD drives)
As an alternative to CD audio, Ogg Vorbis files can be played as a soundtrack; the music files from this version are already pre-installed during a Steam/Gog install.
-The new installer now works with the PC CD of Quake 2 as well as with the Steam and Gog Classic versions. When using the Steam/Gog Classic installer, the two mission CDs are installed at the same time. We recommend using the Steam version for easy installation.
-Alternatively to the .cin intros, the game now also supports .avi and .mpeg files (a script to convert the .ogv files of the Steam version is included on the ISO, if you want the higher resolution video files)

System requirements

-Software: AmigaOS 4.1 and the data files from Steam, Gog or CD version.
-Hardware: At least 150 MHz PowerPC, 32 MB RAM, graphics card, at least
-1 GB free hard disc space, A1222 is currently not supported, game can also be played on QEmu and UAE PPC

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Author Thread
Published: 2024/4/19 21:08  Updated: 2024/4/19 21:08
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 01/06/2007
Comments: 443
I bought this, but my antivirus tells it has a virus. Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/t ... .B!ml&threatid=2147735503
Published: 2024/4/22 18:22  Updated: 2024/4/22 18:24
Home away from home
Joined: 11/20/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 3805
 Re: virus?


From what I understand, Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!m is a JAR file, renamed as ZIP, and ZIP file is the same file format used by JAR/Java, confused yet? Basically, lot of false positives, in any case AmigaOS4.1 does support Java, so can’t run the file, as Java file. Quake contains, quake C, C/C++ code, it can look a bit like Java, maybe this is why.
Published: 2024/4/23 10:38  Updated: 2024/4/23 10:38
Just popping in
Joined: 11/08/2022
From: Backnang
Comments: 161
I think there is something else going on. On H2 the guy complained on it not being available digital On Q2 he wants to find out something for it being available digital. Utri007 Sounds like a troll for me.
Published: 2024/4/24 18:23  Updated: 2024/4/24 18:23
Just can't stay away
Joined: 07/14/2007
From: Lothric
Comments: 1679
 Re: virus?

Quake 2 doesn't use byte code.
Published: 2024/4/25 7:44  Updated: 2024/4/25 8:08
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 01/06/2007
Comments: 443
 Re: digital
Troll... because I asked about a digital purchase? Mutation Software released their sales numbers, showing that physical and digital copies sold almost the same amount. I won't buy physical boxes; I don't have room for them, and eventually, they ended up in the recycling bin.

I have bought every item from Hyperion's catalog. Also, tens of Amiga software items from itch.io and directly from developers. Now when I'm older and have stedy income, I do my best to support those how develop software for Amiga, no matter 68k or PPC.

Sorry Finnish language, but this time it is not a problem. That is what I got when I tried to download Quake2.iso

Resized Image


PS. I do not believe that there is a virus, and I can skip that alert. I would not need to share this info, but I thought it's meaningful to the seller. It is Win 10 machine, browser is Chrome and antivirus is MS' own.
Published: 2024/4/25 17:08  Updated: 2024/4/25 17:08
Just popping in
Joined: 11/08/2022
From: Backnang
Comments: 161
 Virus discussion
In this case I misunderstood you, sorry aqbout this. It just seemed weird to me that one time you ask for digital copy and on the digital copy you have an absolute ridiculous sounding complaint... I apologize for the strong words.
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