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Software News : Roadshow 1.12 released (68k)
Posted by AndreasM on 2016/10/10 10:43:08 (1265 reads) News by the same author
Software News

The Roadshow TCP/IP stack for the Amiga has been updated to version 1.12 and is available immediately. An updated demonstration version is available, too, as well as the updated software development kit.

A free update is available for customers who are using Roadshow 1.11, upgrading it to version 1.12. Note: if you are still using Roadshow 1.8 you need to upgrade to version 1.11 first before you can upgrade it to version 1.12.

The changes in Roadshow 1.12 are as follows:

1. A buffer overflow bug has been fixed which could occur when
querying network interface hardware addresses. This bug could
cause the "ShowNetStatus" command to crash.

2. The ftp command has been reworked, fixing bugs which had been
present for years (buffer overflows, etc.).

3. Overlapping name resolution operations can no longer collide
with each other so easily and produce corrupt query data. This
problem could occur only very rarely.

4. New API functions for name resolution have been added, which are
common in the Unix world, for which no alternatives had been
available before. These enhancements are new for Amiga
TCP/IP software in general.

5. If Roadshow sets up a network interface using the DHCP protocol
it can now request that the DHCP server sends its responses
directly to Roadshow (unicast) instead of broadcasting them to
the local network.

6. Changing the system clock time (e.g. during daylight saving
time transitions) no longer affect Roadshow's internal
time keeping.

7. A new ready-made network configuration file for PCMCIA cards
using the "cnet16.device" driver is provided under

8. The reference documentation has been updated.

More detailed descriptions of the changes can be found in the "ReadMe" file of the Roadshow archive, and the SDK archive.


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Author Thread
Published: 2016/10/10 11:22  Updated: 2016/10/10 11:22
Home away from home
Joined: 11/26/2006
From: a dying planet
Comments: 5251
Since Roadshow is also used in AmigaOS4 it would have been nice to state in the news that this is the classic/68k version
Published: 2016/10/10 13:17  Updated: 2016/10/10 13:17
Home away from home
Joined: 05/19/2007
From: England
Comments: 3581
Yes, I was going to ask if this update applies to OS4. Disappointed to hear it won't. (There is one common bug, I don't know if fixed, where RoadShow complains about getting IP address when another computer does requests a DHCP address about the same time as OS4. Sounds like the changed DHCP behaviour might fix this.)
Published: 2016/10/10 16:55  Updated: 2016/10/10 16:55
Just can't stay away
Joined: 02/23/2007
From: Finland, the land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki
Comments: 1186
 AmigaOS4 ?
I was wondering if those bug fixes will go into AmigaOS4 version too.
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