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Software News : Stuck Somewhere in Time
Posted by spotUP on 2015/2/10 12:16:45 (3553 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Stuck Somewhere in Time is an 8-bit tribute to Iron Maiden. It’s available for free in a custom built web-interface with Maiden-style visuals that react to the music in real-time. And all the songs were made on the Amiga home computer from 1987!

Play it now: http://www.stucksomewhereintime.com/ (Use the arrow keys and enter to start the HTML version directly in your browser).

Resized Image

From the harmonious and beepy Still Life to the intense and noisy version of Run to The Hills, this collection holds some of the most classic Maiden tracks, carefully transformed into Amiga music by some of Europe’s leading 8-bit music artists.

Geeks, performers and Totalt Jävla Mörker

Most of them come from an underground computer culture known as the demoscene. Some of the artists (Dubmood, Psilodump, Goto80) are famous for performing 8-bit music live on stages around Europe. One of the contributors – (451) – is the drummer in the Swedish punk/grind/metal band Totalt jävla mörker.

Web, Sega Megadrive, Amiga

Stuck Somewhere in Time is available on several different platforms. Through highly complex programming they have managed to make it work on the web, the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, and the Amiga home computer.

- There is about 20 people involved, and it’s taken us about four months to finish it. It’s not been easy. But we’ve fought hard and won. Some of these things have actually never been done before, says Spot, the manager of the project.

But why?

The challenge for the musician is to capture the spirit of the original song with very limited means. The Amiga cannot play more than four sounds at the same time, so it’s impossible to get all the details from the original song. More importantly, the composers use very basic digital sounds, which to some just sounds like “bleeps and bloops”.

- We know that this is blasphemous to some Iron Maiden fans. But we do this because we love both Iron Maiden and the sounds of old computers. Also, we like the challenge of doing something that hasn’t been done before, says Spot.


For more information, contact Johan Samuelsson aka Spot/Up Rough: spotUP@gmail.com or +46-701 490 684


Official site: http://www.stucksomewhereintime.com
Web-version (direct link): http://www.stucksomewhereintime.com/lsit/ssit.html
Amiga-version: http://www.stucksomewhereintime.com/lsit/DL/SSIT-500.LHA
Megadrive-version: http://www.stucksomewhereintime.com/lsit/DL/SSIT_MD.ZIP

A video capture of the Amiga-version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEG3fdV6Ra4

A video capture of the Sega Megadrive-version can be found here:

Full tracklist:

2 Minutes to Midnight by Wasp (Sweden)

Aces High by (451) (Sweden)

Afraid to Shoot Stranger by Esau (Sweden)

Blood Brothers by Mygg (Sweden)

Déjà vu by Corpsicle (Sweden)

Faces in the Sand by Jerry (Norway)

Fear of the Chip by Triace (Germany)

Genghis Khan by Corpsicle (Sweden)

Hallowed be thy Name by Esau (Sweden)

Holy Smoke by Psilodump (Sweden)

Iron Maiden by Tecon (Norway)

The Number of the Beast by Jerry (Norway)

Prowler by Blade (Sweden)

Rain Maker by Dascon (Germany)

Run to the Hills by Goto80 (Sweden)

Run to the Hills By Ne7 (UK)
Still Life by Corpsicle (Sweden)

That Girl by Alk

The Clairvoyant by Dubmood (France)

The Trooper by Ne7 (UK)

Wasted years by Blade (Sweden)

Wasted years by Slash (Sweden)


Kabuto (Mega Drive), Mellow Man (HTML5) and Origo (Amiga)


Spot and Alien

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Published: 2015/2/11 9:48  Updated: 2015/2/11 9:48
Not too shy to talk
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 Up The Irons !!!!
Up The Irons !!!!
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