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Amiga Events : AmigaKit.com reaches it's 10th anniversary
Posted by amigakit on 2014/6/23 20:34:59 (1410 reads) News by the same author
Amiga Events

Way back in June 2004, AmigaKit.com opened it's doors to its first customers. We are very pleased to reach the 10th anniversary of the launch and would like to make a special thank you to all who has supported us through the last decade!

The small remaining Amiga market is not an easy place to trade and there have been many challenges over the last 10 years. We hope to achieve even more for the Amiga and our customers in the next 10 years.

A Special Message To Our Long Standing Customers

There is a core group of customers worldwide that have ordered from us regularly since 2004 to the present day. This seems a good occasion to express our sincerest gratitude. We would like to thank them for their orders and keeping AmigaKit going through the good times and the more challenging times. As a celebration of this event, we would ask any of these customers to contact us if you are placing an order in the very near future so we can offer you a loyalty discount on any items you may need.

A Brief History of AmigaKit

In 2004, the Amiga reseller scene was going through a lot of change, several retailers across the world either closed down or faded away. Store website inventories were no longer being updated or domains being renewed, and slowly one by one, the choice for consumers dwindled away.

AmigaKit was established as a full time business to help in some way buck the trend and provided a professional reliable service to Amiga users worldwide where they can obtain their Amiga products and services without paying over inflated prices in well known auction websites. We established a full time technical support service to provide after sales support and help customers with installation queries.

We started developing our own software in-house such as OS-Install, EasyNet and EasyADF and continue to produce software to this day, including the new AMIStore for A-EON Technology.

In 2006, AmigaKit purchased the remaining inventory from Eyetech and the Amiga product range grew in size, so we moved into new offices in Cardiff. For the very first time, we visited the famous Amiwest show in California and met the many customers there that were up to that point, just names on our system and not faces and personalities. Exhibiting at shows became a long standing tradition for us from this point. Attending conventions and shows always is costly but at the same time it is rewarding to personally speak to our customers and build friendships on many occasions.

In 2008, the remaining inventory of High Street Micro was also acquired. One of the problems we found was that there were no new product being manufactured so we had to re-invest our revenues into sponsoring hardware and software projects and encouraging hardware development. Several products were a result of this scheme including the popular products such as the ZorRAM and MAS Player evolution. Most recently we have diversified into manufacturing Amiga joysticks such as the Arcade Evolution joystick.

In 2009, we took on another full time technician so that we had more capacity for Amiga repairs, servicing and in-house hardware projects. One of the first tasks of the year was to prepare for the AmigaONE X1000 project which we were only involved in from a reseller point of view. Later on in late 2010, our role changed and we had to help get the project back on track.

By 2012, it was clear we needed a large building and the opportunity came around to buy a property a mile away from our offices. It required a lot of renovation to meet our requirements and the building work presented many challenges during the six months. Once this was complete we slowly migrated our operations and inventory from old building to the new during the summer months.

What is next for the AmigaKit project?

Our business would not exist without our loyal customers, so the most important relationship is with all the Amiga fans out there. We will continue to support them with technical help and visit computer shows around the world putting faces to names.

Our continued partnership with many hardware suppliers and partners will produce new Classic Amiga and Next Generation Amiga projects. If customer continue to vote with their wallets and buy these new products, our suppliers can continue to expand their resources for many more new exciting products in the future.

We have already made plans and are committed to producing and sponsoring more software projects and working together with other companies in the Amiga market to make the Amiga a more successful computer platform. Here's to another decade!

Messages from our business partners:


I would like to congratulate Matthew and AmigaKit for 10 years of service to the Classic and Next-Generation Amiga community. I was customer of AmigaKit and Matthew long before we became friends and business partners. In 2005 AmigaKit built my first A1-XE AmigaOS 4 system and shortly after my first Pegasos II MorphOS system. Although I used other suppliers, Amigakit was always my first port of call for all my Amiga spares, consumables and repairs. We even collaborated on several special Classic Amiga projects which included an experimental multi-booting Amiga 4000 tower system which at the time supported AmigaOS3.9, a pre-release beta version of AmigOS4.0 Classic and MorphOS PowerUp. In my experience AmigaKit's service and reliability has always been first class and I had no hesitation in selecting Matthew and his team when we were looking for distribution partners for the new AmigaONE X1000 back in 2010. All that remains to be said is congratulation on reaching your 10th anniversary, here's to the next ten years.
Trevor Dickinson, co-founder, A-EON Technology

AmigaKit has been a reliable partner from the very start. They don't just move boxes, but provide real added value with their service. I've gotten to know the people behind AmigaKit at a number of Amiga shows, and I also met their families. We've always had a great time, and I'm looking forward to more meetings and continued solid business. Here's to the next ten years!
Jens Schoenfeld, Individual Computers

E3B has been in business relationship with Amigakit now for over five years now. Several projects, like the ZorRAM or the new PRISMA sound card, were developped and produced in close cooperation, always with the goal in mind to get customer tailor made solutions for the Amiga community. Of course, things were not always easy, and working together while being separated by some thousand kilometers, with beta tester sitting all around the world, can be demanding - all project so far did suceed, and this seems to prove we are on the right way. We hope to continue this relationship also for the future and congratulate for 10 years in business!
Michael Boehmer, E3B

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! AmigaKit and its team always stood for Competence and Trust, and I look forward to the next 10 years of activity.
Mike Battilana, Cloanto

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Author Thread
Published: 2014/6/23 21:52  Updated: 2014/6/23 21:52
Home away from home
Joined: 11/30/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 2501
 Re: AmigaKit.com reaches it's 10th anniversary
Good work. Waiting for more os4 goodies in the next 10 years. :-)
Published: 2014/6/23 22:38  Updated: 2014/6/23 22:38
Just popping in
Joined: 09/24/2007
Comments: 22
 Re: AmigaKit.com reaches it's 10th anniversary
I've received nothing but great service from AmigaKit over the years. We are indeed fortunate as a community to have them supporting us!
Published: 2014/6/23 22:53  Updated: 2014/6/23 22:54
Home away from home
Joined: 07/07/2009
From: Man Cave, Canada
Comments: 2511
seriously has 10 years already passed ?? big time congrats guys :pint: :-D :pint: :-D :pint: :-D the few times new hardware let me down you guys fixed it and got my miggies back up & running happily :hammer:
Published: 2014/6/24 7:06  Updated: 2014/6/24 7:06
Quite a regular
Joined: 03/11/2008
From: Dunedin, New Zealand
Comments: 868
 Well Done!
Simply Awesome! The decade is an obvious reflection of the quality of your business and your genuine interest in the Amiga community. I've had many dealings with you over quite a few years I believe and in recent years that activity has increased quite a bit. I sincerely hope only the best for you on the future to come and can pledge my continuing support for you as you support me in turn. Congratulations for reaching this milestone, it is indeed very significant in the times we now live with our Amigas. Niiice One! :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer: ** I don't normally post across forums (post from Amiga.org) but this is a special occassion! :-D
Published: 2014/6/24 13:35  Updated: 2014/6/24 13:35
Just popping in
Joined: 12/05/2006
From: Doncaster, uk
Comments: 85
 Re: AmigaKit.com reaches it's 10th anniversary
Congratulations on reaching ten years, have been a long term user of your site for many years and hope I can continue to do so although I got quite a shock when I ordered an x-surf the other week and I noticed the total amount that I've spent with you over the years on classic and ng stuff :-) :-)
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