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Software News : BarsnPipes update now available
Posted by LyleHaze on 2013/6/23 1:55:53 (1261 reads) News by the same author
Software News

BarsnPipes OS4 has been updated.
Bugfixes, a few new features, and MUCH improved recording performance are part of this update, along with links to a complete manual!
Get yours at OS4Depot

Make Beautiful Music,

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/6/23 17:31  Updated: 2013/6/23 17:31
Quite a regular
Joined: 03/10/2009
From: Germany
Comments: 642
 Re: BarsnPipes update now available
Thanks for the update. Looks nice (and thanks for the docu link). Did you test yourself with a 8 bit Radeon HD screen? Here I have some strange colour effects (nothing severe, though). 16 or 32 bit screen modes seem to work perfect.
Published: 2013/6/23 21:33  Updated: 2013/6/23 21:33
Home away from home
Joined: 11/30/2006
From: Norway
Comments: 2618
 Re: BarsnPipes update now available
Good work, even though i don't amke music. Good to see old programs get updated.
Published: 2013/6/24 4:02  Updated: 2013/6/24 4:02
Just popping in
Joined: 11/24/2006
From: Central Georgia, USA
Comments: 243
 Re: BarsnPipes update now available
I am aware of that bug.. In the "Quick Start" document I suggested ARGB modes because of it.

To make a short, simple explanation, the code was written for an eight color screen (That's 3 bits if you're counting). High on my list is to change all image loading over to bitmap.class. ThIs will not only work better, but allow "skins" in glorious full color, up to whatever screen depth you choose.

Thanks for the feedback!

Published: 2013/6/24 10:06  Updated: 2013/6/24 10:06
Quite a regular
Joined: 03/10/2009
From: Germany
Comments: 642
 Re: BarsnPipes update now available
In the "Quick Start" document I suggested ARGB modes because of it.

Oh, dear! Thanks for your explanation anyway, I'll try to read the documents more thoroughly...
Published: 2013/6/24 11:03  Updated: 2013/6/24 11:06
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 8950
 Re: BarsnPipes update now available
Tested. Not bad at all. Few suggestions:

1). On running by default there should be sorting on the modes which should be choicen. Its that old confusing moment coming from old times but which can be fixed easy. If not sort it on resolution (like any can be ok) then at least on depth. I do that sorting back in times via ASLSM_FilterFunc + SM_FilterHook and hook function itself looks like this:

struct DimensionInfo dims;
struct DisplayInfo disp;

GetDisplayInfoData(NULL, (char *) &dimssizeof(dims), DTAG_DIMSdef_mode_id);
GetDisplayInfoData(NULL, (char *) &dispsizeof(disp), DTAG_DISPdef_mode_id);

//if good mode return TRUE
if(!disp.NotAvailable &&
dims.MaxDepth >= 16 &&
dims.StdOScan.MaxX == 640-&&
dims.StdOScan.MaxY == 480-1)



2). Window mode and make it default one :)

3). Add in screen-mode selection: clone workbench entry.
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