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Software News : Two new bounties started at Amigabounty.net
Posted by Troels on 2012/1/6 19:35:35 (1832 reads) News by the same author
Software News

1.Updated and improved Avcodec.library. Avcodec.library is an Amiga port of the open source ffmpeg project's libavcodec static library.

2.SAM460Lite & AmigaOS4.1 for DjNick.

The actual Amiga port of the avcodec.libray (used for DVplayer) is now quite old (51.52 from 2008) and there are lots of features, corrections and improvements on the original avcodec sourcecode that the Amiga version of avcodec.library doesn’t contain. This is about to be changed by Diego Cassoran who is working hard on a new version, using one of the Amigabounty loaner systems. Show your your support for this fundamental library and make a donation:)
Avcodec.library bounty.

Most of DjNick's music and graphics was done on Amiga back in the days, and now, he want to help AmigaOS4 to get some better design by making improved skins, icons and graphics. But its pretty hard to be working effectively on gfx design of OS and OS components, when you don't own the actual machine. So, this bountys aim is to get Nikola a sam460EX Lite motherboard & AmigaOS4.1 licence. The Sam460 is EUR 610,- excl. shipping and vat. So we should end at around EUR 850,- which is what we are trying to collect. UPDATE: EUR450 reached.
Sam460 for DjNick bounty.

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/1/7 5:45  Updated: 2012/1/7 5:45
Quite a regular
Joined: 10/14/2008
From: France
Comments: 647
 Re: Two new bounties started at Amigabounty.net
Hello to all,

I will try to answer some questions. Diego will surely do that better that me later.

- Cobra, Diego, Chip, Elwood and myself are involved on this work. Cobra help and advise for each new beta version and I'm betatesting myself the new library.

- The work is based on the Chip source but some code have been remade/reworked between. For example:

1. AC3 decoding not use separate library but included and now AC3 sound decoding is verry efficient than the chip one.
2. Parsing code have been remade. One example, No more sounds echoes with DVD movies.
3. lots of others things allready done...

Because the last ffmpeg sourcecode has changed a lot. Just compiling the original avcodec.library AOS4 sourcecode (old and incomplete) with last ffmpeg avcodec sourcecode part not working directly. There are work to do for diego !!

- The actual new beta library exist and work for VOB files and some AVI files actually (not all the kind of AVI codecs). Differents kind of movies and codecs are added one by one on the new avcodec.library and test are made.

- The actual new avcodec.library 53.1 size is more than 3mo (original (1.9mo) and has been compiled and tested with some differents comiling arguments for the best speed possible. Of course, this new library work with last registered version of Dvplayer everybody use actually.

- When a kind of played codec will not supported, this time a requester will inform you that a bad crash.

- For the first time, this library will have all the codecs available on ffmpeg integrated (previously limited to format DVplayer supports). Unfortunately, no video player on the amiga support the other kind of movies that mean will be hard to test.

Thanks for supporting this bounty. The goal is to help Diego to buy his own amiga-ng computer.

Open a séparate thread on a forum if we would like to discuss more about avcodec.library.
Published: 2012/1/7 16:46  Updated: 2012/1/7 16:46
Quite a regular
Joined: 03/28/2010
From: None
Comments: 714
 Re: Two new bounties started at Amigabounty.net
I bet for your work, thanks for your work to we can see movies with OS4.
Published: 2012/1/8 19:36  Updated: 2012/1/8 19:36
Just popping in
Joined: 06/01/2009
Comments: 50
 Re: Two new bounties started at Amigabounty.net

I've replied on the forum:

http://www.amigans.net/modules/xforum ... t_id=68290#forumpost68290

Thank you all for your support!
Published: 2012/1/9 6:18  Updated: 2012/1/9 6:18
Just popping in
Joined: 12/05/2006
From: Vancouver, Canada
Comments: 192
 Re: Two new bounties started at Amigabounty.net
These are both very worthwhile bounties. I have made contributions to both.

Nice work to all involved.
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