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Any way to make Odyssey block 3rd-party cookies?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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As the subject says, is there any way to make Odyssey block third-party cookies?

It's a bit of a disincentive to use an Amiga browser, if I am being tracked (2) when I use it (but not on Windows where Firefox & Chrome support blocking of third-party cookies, never mind advanced add-ons like Privacy Badger).

Disabling JavaScript by default does help somewhat, but the list of websites I've had to permanently enabled JavaScript (for them to work) is getting quite long now, never mind all the sites I temporarily enable JavaScript so I can read their content. (Sadly we don't have a NoScript equivalent, which lets you white-list JS from certain domains.)

And yeah, I know I can:

1. Choose to opt-out, but I think that only stops them SHOWING you adverts based on the websites they know you've visited, it doesn't stop them tracking you in the first place? And it assumes you trust all advertising companies...

2. Delete all cookies on exit, but this is a bit of a drastic option, since not only will I be logged-out of all websites, but I'll be bombarded by EU-enforced "agree to us using cookies" on every damn website (since your agreements are stored in cookies themselves), and also my opt-out choices will be erased too...

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Re: Any way to make Odyssey block 3rd-party cookies?
Just popping in
Just popping in

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I think we may need to speak to this fine upstanding gentleman for some further advice on cookies...


sorry i couldn't resist it

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