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AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update released
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

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AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update (Sep-2012) - delivers 20 updated programs as well as various minor tweaks and improvements. Enjoy!

- UPDATED: AmIRC 3.6.1 by VaporWare, updated by amirc.org
- UPDATED: AmiKit Install Patches 2.0
- UPDATED: AmiKit Locale 1.2 (now installs localized NetSurf prefs according to selected language)
- UPDATED: FFmpeg + FFplay git-7df9937 (29.01.2012) by M.Niedermayer. Amiga port by Piotr Bandurski
- UPDATED: IconLib 46.4.256 by Peter Keunecke (now installed as a default library in AmiKit)
- UPDATED: LAME 3.99.5 by M.Cheng, M.Taylor and the LAME team. Amiga port by Michel "DMX" Bagmeijer
- UPDATED: MCC_Betterstring 11.23 by A.Odgaard and BetterString.mcc Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MCC_NList 0.113 by G.Masson, C.Scholling, D.Allsopp and NList Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.39 by A.Odgaard and TextEditor.mcc Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MCC_TheBar 26.10 by A.Ranieri and TheBar Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MUIbase 2.11 by Steffen Gutmann
- UPDATED: NetSurf 2.9 (SVN r13518) by NetSurf contributors. Amiga port by Artur Jarosik.
- UPDATED: OpenURL 7.11 by T.W.Hansen, A.Ranieri, S.Kost and OpenURL Team
- UPDATED: playOGG 120410 by Lorence Lombardo
- UPDATED: Scalos 41.8 release 1.9 by Scalos Team
- UPDATED: STFax 4.5 by HAAGE & PARTNER Computer GmbH
- UPDATED: VorbisTools 1.4.0 by M.Smith and the Xiph.Org Foundation. Amiga port by Michel "DMX" Bagmeijer (no ixemul.library required)
- UPDATED: Wazp3D beta 53.2 by Alain Thellier (Mac and Linux version of AmiKit)
- UPDATED: Wet 6.3 by Chris Young
- UPDATED: XAD RAR 2.5 by Chris Young, Stephan Matzke, Shay Green, Alexander L. Roshal
- FIXED: Audio filetyes in Magellan II, now you can convert almost anything to anything

The following people have donated to the AmiKit project recently:
Tobias Newe, Radzik, Sascha v.W., o.eschi, Anon, Per Iversen, Mark R., Cathal Ferris, Florian Kieper, Markus F., Havard D. and others.
Thank you and all the other donors!

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Re: AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update released
Thanks for continious maintance of great AmigaOS 3.x distro AROS, any UAE and many PeeCees benefit greatly

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Re: AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update released
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

See User information
Thanks for the feedback! :)

AmiKit is probably the most complete and up to date distribution of OS3.x software. If you have any recommendation what more to add feel free to write it here...

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Re: AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update released
- AROS 68k (Vision) inside AmigaOS 3.x
- If possible best 68k Linux (Minix?)
- Some abandoned or free demos and games, or latest 68k games and ports from Aminet (Quakes and Dooms and Descents and Heretics if possible)
-AROS kickstart by default basic replacement, drop the need for OS 3.9 CD if possible
-Exchange with Amiga Forever: buy AF from AmiKit and AmiKit on AF CD 2013
- AmiKit NATAMI and MINIMIG support if possible
- AROS or similar integration that can build up AmiKit to default NATAMI or Minimig OS by default, without any Amiga Inc related files (Haage and Partner OS 3.9 partnership?)
- Latest PPC cards support also featured so it can have a lightweight ultimate classic file for download for those who use OS 3.9+Warp/PowerUp
-Support for UltimatePPC 040 CPU
-Unity with AmiSYS to one AmiKit 2013
-Official support from AmiKit webshop
-AmiKit Classic software and hardware avail from AmiKit to shop
-Some more dead great 68k apps like Real3D bundled, at least one classic game (civilization and colonization AGA, Alien Breed I+II+TA CD32 and Alien Breed 3D II, Worms Armageddon ...)
Note: if you havent surpased this idea, use it


Share files with 68k Vision and AmiSys, be Aminet 68k subscriber as well as any user by update tools and offers

And article about AmiKit history for my blog

PayPal will come to Serbia 2013 so expect donation or two

And AmiKit full CD and manual with AresOne, AmigaOne and SAMs

Edited by vox on 2012/9/8 22:34:15
Edited by vox on 2012/9/8 22:35:12
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Re: AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update released
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

See User information
Seems like you confused me with some sort of wizard... or team of wizards!
Anyway, we can have a talk when I'll be in Belgrade again

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Re: AmiKit 1.6.2 LIVE update released
Well, one step per time, enough ideas for AmiKit 2014

It would be good to team up with rest of Classic crowd for benefit of all. And would be my honour to be your host

Dont forget an modern Classic box under AmigaOS 4.1.5, MorphOS and AROS/A-EROS

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