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Possible alternative to forum moderation?
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Home away from home

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This BBC article mentions a solution that was devised to curb the anti-social habits of on-line gamers:

But why not use it on Amiga web forums, especially ones that often suffer from anti-social behaviour? Basically give every user a limited number of "voting points", and let them give it to people they see as being "friendly" or "helpful". This score would be publically visible. (It would actually be a bit more complex than that, see the news article for how they prevent the system being abused.)

It wouldn't replace moderation, but might reduce the need for it by encouraging good behaviour.

Some regular LoL players said they were "astonished" that the Honor system was working even though it gave no tangible rewards to those that played fair.

Ms Chambers said the system was perhaps working well because of the effect it had on the mass of players who were neither good nor bad.

"This approach addresses a trend I've seen throughout public multiplayer games," she wrote. "I have often had the impression that a lot of bad behaviour online — both in-game and otherwise — is based in social mimicry."

Giving people a good example encouraged neutral players to do likewise, she said. By contrast before now the only example of how to behave on LoL has been "the loudest, most dominant players are acting like jackasses without consequence".

I think "social mimicry" is particularly problematic on certain Amiga sites

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Re: Possible alternative to forum moderation?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I don't see the need for it here at amigans but definitely worth a try at other Amiga forums I visit

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