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Re: AmigaOS 15" laptop one day?
Just can't stay away
2006/12/9 10:44
From Lyon, France
Posts: 1316

Impressive. Thanks for the link.
I don't see how an individual could build such printer now. Maybe in a year or two with some open source kits.

Philippe 'Elwood' FERRUCCI
Sam460ex 1.10 Ghz
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Re: AmigaOS 15" laptop one day?
Just popping in
2007/2/17 12:47
From Dumfries, Scotland
Posts: 112

There are posts on www.instructables.com where people build DLP (projector) or SLA (laser) resin vat printers for less than $100. I think the biggest cost is the DLP - but I got one for free!

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Re: AmigaOS 15" laptop one day?
Just can't stay away
2007/1/26 21:48
From New Zealand
Posts: 1861

Each 3D printing technology has its own pros and cons. SLA (or the DLP variant) printers are faster and have higher resolution, but the plastic tends to be more brittle and degrades faster over time (especially when exposed to sunlight). To me, that sounds okay for prototyping, but not so good for the finished product.

Yes, FDM printers are slower and have a lower resolution, but they're also cheaper and the finished parts are less brittle and degrade less quickly than SLA printed parts. You can speed up the printer by using a larger nozzle and thicker layers (yes, even lower resolution), and the surface finish can be improved by post-processing (e.g., an epoxy coating).

Either way, the final production method doesn't have to be what I use for prototyping. In fact, ideally I'd be able to use aluminium, as that would double as an RF-shield.


http://hdrlab.org.nz/ - Amiga OS 4 projects, programming articles and more.
https://keasigmadelta.com/ - more of my work
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