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A couple AbiWord oddities?
Just popping in
2006/12/18 1:32
From Hawaii
Posts: 221
I had to buy a new printer, and unable to find another PostScript capable one that I was sure would work on an OS4 machine, I settled for one that would run with the HP_Photosmart driver for PCL 3 on OS4Depot.

The new printer is supposed to handle (by ePrint, if not by USB as well) Microsoft Word documents, so I tried writing a short text with a variety of fonts and font sizes, etc., on AbiWord and saving it as a .doc file. When I tried to print it, I got an error message informing me that it was not, in fact, a Word file, but probably RTF. Indeed the .doc file begins "{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0." Now that's odd!

Oddity #2: Discouraged, I tried printing the .abw file, but my choices were to turn it into PDF or print to "Generic Postscript." It is my misfortune to have a printer now that doesn't do PostScript, but I was curious to see what kind of error message I would get, so I tried the latter option. And the thing printed almost exactly as I had typed it! The only thing different from what was on screen was that what I had italicized printed out straight up and down ('to italics, ' doesn't work on the printer), but fonts and colors and sizes were preserved. Isn't that odd?

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Re: A couple AbiWord oddities?
Quite a regular
2007/2/27 10:47
From Gravity well
Posts: 648
The manufacturer marks up more for the PS-printer and yours is with the funny firmware. Or not.

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Re: A couple AbiWord oddities?
Just popping in
2006/11/29 6:42
From Geneva CH
Posts: 227
In fact I think that AmiCygnix uses the WB driver

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Re: A couple AbiWord oddities?
Not too shy to talk
2006/12/24 12:23
Posts: 479

AbiWord can only import MS-Word files and cannot write them, even the latest version can't. But you're right, AbiWord pretends that he can do it.


AmiCygnix uses the ghostscript interpreter in "Sys:Utilities/Ghostscript" with "amiga_printer" device to print.

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