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Huenison updated
Quite a regular
2006/12/6 0:11
From Italy
Posts: 663
When in 2018 I produced the physical edition of Huenison, I intended to close forever the development of that game (originally released in 2013 and then updated five times). Yet, writing Blastaway inspired me some video system features/improvements that I just couldn't resist backport to Huenison. And now, an updated version of Huenison is available!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2-IoKxbGtg

* Simplified and optimized CRT pixel modes.
* Made 4x LCD pixel mode slightly brighter.
* Added 6x pixel modes.
* Added hardware-accelerated zooming for solid pixel modes to AmigaOS version.

Get the latest version of Huenison from https://www.retream.com/Huenison.
(Who plays it on Steam will be able to update it directly from there.)

Even more good news for the owners of the physical edition: due to the very limited production runs, the CDs were duplicated (i.e. burned), not replicated (i.e. glass mastered), thus I seized the chance to ask the factory to leave the CDs open so that, if I'd ever release an update, I could tell you... it's possible to update the CDs!
The CDs can updated by burning a new session that replaces the following files and preserves all the others:
* install-AmigaOS.info
* install-Windows.exe
* manual.pdf
* AmigaOS/Huenison
* AmigaOS/icon-64x64.info
* AmigaOS/icon-80x80.info
* AmigaOS/icon-96x96.info
* AmigaOS/icon-128x128.info
* AmigaOS/icon-160x160.info
* AmigaOS/icon-192x192.info
* AmigaOS/icon-256x256.info
* Windows/Huenison.exe

*** WARNING ***
Updating a CD is a delicate process that might damage the CD, so it is necessary to have specific knowledge and tools. If you are not completely sure, do not attempt the update or ask an expert to help. IN ANY CASE, UPDATE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Re: Huenison updated
Just popping in
2010/1/1 20:26
From Dunkerque/FRANCE
Posts: 12
Thanks Saimo, what productivity!

Your Daily Amiga information:
A500 / A600 / A1200 / SAM440
WinUAE OS3.9 (AmiKit/Amiga Forever) / OS4.1FE (FlowerPot)
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Re: Huenison updated
Quite a regular
2006/12/6 0:11
From Italy
Posts: 663
Welcome, and, well, I just couldn't stand the idea of BOH, Huenison, and KOG not having the same features as Blastaway.
BTW, I have BOH ready, too, but the MacOS port is holding the release back as I don't have easy access to the machine I used for development.

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Re: Huenison updated
Home away from home
2009/7/7 4:34
From Man Cave, Canada
Posts: 2408

WoW bravo Simone that’s great news 👌

c64-dual sids, A1000, A1200-060@50, A4000-CSMKIII
Indivision AGA & Catweasel MK4+= Amazing
! My Master Miggies-Amiga1000 & AmigaONE X1000 !

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