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Kickstart 3.1 ROMs install
Just popping in
2008/9/18 21:24
Posts: 3
Well I attempted extracting the 3.1 ROMs off of one A3000T motherboard and tried popping them into the "good" machine that was working.

But I noticed before I tried popping the ROM chips in that there were several bent pins (probably from the force that it took to remove them from the motherboard).

I noticed that removing the ROM chips from these motherboards requires a few things 1) Patience 2) A screwdriver and 3) quite a bit (but not an overwhelming amount) of force.

Long story short is that when I got the new 3.1 kickstart roms into the working motherboard... it was as I'd feared. No video, no hard drive churning.

I have yet to pop the original 2.0.4 roms back into the newly perturbed motherboard. I'm _fairly_ certain the motherboard wasn't static'd (I do a fair amount of work in machines and am always careful about this).

Also, I noticed when I popped the 3.1 ROMs back out of the machine to try the old ROMs in it again and I noticed that this time the ROMs popped out of the socket fairly easily.

So, the long and the short of it is I would like to know (assuming there there hasn't been a "death by static") could poorly seated ROMs cause the machine to appear "dead"? If the chips _were_ otherwise seated correctly, could bent pins have caused it to die? Lastly, could my maneuverings with my trusty screwdriver to get the roms off of the motherboard have damaged said mobo (that would be my nightmare scenario) and if so is this sort of thing generally repairable?

I know this is very difficult to envision and that there may be many possibilities. But I have examined the motherboard very closely to where I was prying and there does seem to be very light scratches where I was prying. But nothing major at all.

So, any general opinions out there as to whether or not I have likely killed my machine I would appreciate.

I am likely going to buy 3.1 kickstarts from amigakit.com and try resurrecting the machine in the hopes that the ROMs are the cause of the problem.

best regards,

To err is human. To ARRRR is pirate! -FSM
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Re: Kickstart 3.1 ROMs install
Not too shy to talk
2006/11/27 8:32
From California - S.F. Bay area
Posts: 381

Most likely you didn't get the rom pushed in all the way, that can take some force as well, just watch out for bent pins.

Look, only one leg, count em, one!
X1000/PA6T@1800MHz/2Gb/Radeon 4850

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Re: Kickstart 3.1 ROMs install
Just popping in
2008/6/20 2:39
Posts: 12

I think you can get a ROM extractor tool....would make the whole thing less error-prone. Try looking on AmigaKit for one.

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