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Re: updating sgit
Just popping in
2011/7/20 20:01
From In the sticks
Posts: 136
Hi all

Following on from the chat at
https://www.amigans.net/modules/xforum ... id=123203#forumpost123203, I've tried to get the simplegit and libgit2 work that I'd done into a state so other people might be able to help out too. The repos are at




The additional instructions for how to set it up with my changes are at https://github.com/billyfish/simplegit/blob/master/build.md.

The piece of work that needs to be done next is how to implement mmap () and munmap (). My memory of this is a bit hazy but I think that there are only one or two times where mmap () is used to write to a file and I was checking if they used in a threaded situation or whether we could assume only one thread using it a time which would again make it easier.

Basically if anyone wants to get involved, you're very welcome!


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Re: updating sgit
Just popping in
2006/11/30 11:59
From Lund, Sweden
Posts: 129

If it's file backed mmaps only, one file at the time with no msyncs, it should be straight forward. If it's more complicated than that, a fake implementation will probably be very inefficient. It would be great if someone took the time to do it, it's probably a pretty common porting problem. My guess is that this could be a good candidate for trying out the OS4 extmem feature.

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