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Software News : Hollywood 9.1
Posted by softwarefailure on 2022/4/24 18:01:18 (182 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to announce the immediate availability of Hollywood 9.1. This is a maintenance release which contains mostly bug fixes amid a few new features. It is available free of charge for all customers who bought a Hollywood 9.0 license and can be downloaded from the restricted download area using the personalized user accounts.

Resized Image

Hollywood is the ultimate cross-platform programming language and multimedia application layer that can be used to create all sorts of games and applications. It supports over 900 inbuilt commands that are documented in detail on over 1000 pages. Furthermore, it features a wide variety of plugins that empower programmers to use all kinds of modern technologies like OpenGL, SDL, a true cross-platform GUI toolkit that uses native widgets, PDF import/export, SVG support, SQL support, SSL/TLS and extensive network protocol support and so much more. There really is hardly anything that Hollywood can't do it and Hollywood can do it on all platforms imaginable because it is available in native versions for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, WarpOS, AROS (x86), Linux (arm, ppc, x86, x64), macOS (ppc, x86, x64), Windows (x86, x64), Android and iOS.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hollywood in 2022 we even offer a special 20 euros discount on the full version of Hollywood for a limited time only. This is the perfect chance for all people who don't own Hollywood yet to grab their own copy and to explore the wonderful world of Hollywood and be fascinated by the gigantic functionality of this unique piece of software and all of the plugins that come with it! To order your own copy, just click here.

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.

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Author Thread
Published: 2022/4/24 19:01  Updated: 2022/4/24 19:01
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 7716
 code business
Only the hardest working men in code business make it possible ! Thanks, updated :)
Published: 2022/4/27 4:19  Updated: 2022/4/27 4:19
Home away from home
Joined: 07/07/2009
From: Man Cave, Canada
Comments: 2617
 Re: Hollywood 9.1
Thanks Andreas
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