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Software News : MediaVault 1.0.0 released
Posted by walkero on 2021/4/30 10:33:24 (289 reads) News by the same author

One of my latest projects got the first release and you can download it and try it. MediaVault is an open source desktop application, for AmigaOS 4, which can be used to discover online radio stations. The selected radio station can be streamed using a player, i.e. AmigaAmp 3.

When Mediavault is started at the top of the window there are a few fields that can be used to discover radio station based on their name, genre, country and spoken language. By clicking on "Discover" button a list of relevant radio stations will show up.

To listen a radio station, double click on it's line, and AmigaAmp3 will start, playing the radio station. After that, you can close MediaVault.

Have a look at Skateman's video how MediaVault is used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Utoc6lxHUg4

This version has the following limitations:
- AmigaAmp3 is the only supported player, which will be called from APPDIR:. So make sure it works.
- A small number of genres, countries and languages listed
- In error a shell window might appear
- Make sure you have the latest AmiSSL installed. If not a message should be shown.

This is the first release out of my computer. You may experience crashes. If you do, please contact me.

My plan for MediaVault is to create an application which users will use to:
- discover online radio stations,
- create a list of favorite radio stations
- discover online podcasts,
- follow podcasts and get information for new episodes
- access content (music, video etc.) from local DLNA media servers, like Plex, Jellyfin etc.
- have a modern look and feel, with images and photos, where is possible
- create a clean, easy to read code, with good quality and the best practices for others to get inspired

* oo.library v1.11 by Tuomas Hokka
* jansson.library v2.12.1 by Simon Tyrrell
* AmigaAmp3 v3.29 by Thomas Wenzel

I would like to thank
- Tuomas Hokka for developing oo.library and listen to my requirements, ideas.
- Simon Tyrrell for developing jansson.library and his help on debugging issues I had during development, listen to my ideas.
- Thomas Wenzel for developing the best audio player for AmigaOS
- Everyone at os4coding.net, who helped with proposals and solutions on my questions.
- Simon Archer who develops CodeBench, which helped me a lot during the development of this application
- AmigaOS 4 developers who develop the best OS out there.

Without all the above MediaVault would not be possible.

Code and bug reporting
The project is open source and you can find the code at:

If you have any requests or you would like to report any problems you found,
you can do that at:

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Author Thread
Published: 2021/4/30 11:17  Updated: 2021/4/30 11:44
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 7022

Cool! Tested. First thing I noticed that while it says errors about amissl missing (so installed and it goes fine), it didn't give errors output if AmigaAmp is missing. I.e. I run it, type a genre (btw, "punk" is missing from the inbuild list:) ), hit discover, and then double-click on any station give no feedback to a user. But should be something "sorry, no AmigaAmp found" IMHO. But once installed AmigaAmp all works fine, yeah !

Nice app
Published: 2021/4/30 11:45  Updated: 2021/4/30 11:45
Site Builder
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: Athens/Dublin
Comments: 828
 Yeah, it should
Thanks for testing it. Yeah, it should have a check if AmigaAmp is there or not. I will add it in my next release, with better error messages. I intend to do many releases with a few features added and fixes, than huge releases. This way I keep the apps updated and me motivated. And the users see the app getting better (or worse) :D That's why, I am trying to get registered at AmiUpdate website and add MediaVault there as well. So, as soon as a new release comes out, people will be able to get it easily.
Published: 2021/4/30 12:59  Updated: 2021/4/30 13:00
Quite a regular
Joined: 07/23/2007
Comments: 713
 Re: Tests
No issues launching the proggy.

Search can be a bit hit and miss.
For instance, I searched for Digital Impulse and a number of stations was found, listed in alphabetical order .
When I searched for Trance, another two Digital Impulse stations were listed that were not included above.
The stations not found in the 1st search, Digital Impulse - Trance and Digital Impulse - Vocal Trance.

Is there a list limit?
I ask because the the two stations not found in the orignal search would be at the end of the list alphabetically.

Very nice program, looking forward to seeing the further developments planned.

P.S Don't worry so much about adding Punk to the dropdown list, you only need to add Trance. :)

Published: 2021/4/30 14:02  Updated: 2021/4/30 14:03
Home away from home
Joined: 09/11/2007
From: Russia
Comments: 7022

P.S Don't worry so much about adding Punk to the dropdown list, you only need to add Trance. :)

ahaha :)
Published: 2021/4/30 14:20  Updated: 2021/4/30 14:20
Site Builder
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: Athens/Dublin
Comments: 828
 There is a limit
@tiredOfLife There is a limit of 20 results for now.
Published: 2021/4/30 15:31  Updated: 2021/4/30 15:31
Quite a regular
Joined: 07/23/2007
Comments: 713
 Re: There is a limit
That makes sense then.
Just counted and there are 20 entries in the list.
The missing two would be 21 and 22 on the list.

Published: 2021/5/1 2:13  Updated: 2021/5/1 2:13
Home away from home
Joined: 07/07/2009
From: Man Cave, Canada
Comments: 2491
 Re: MediaVault 1.0.0 released
@ walkeroo

this sounds great as would love to listen to my favourite live radio show or podcast sports show on my Amiga!
Published: 2021/5/1 7:13  Updated: 2021/5/1 7:15
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 12/06/2006
From: California, Unitied States
Comments: 387
 Nice Work!
@ walkeroo Just tried out MediaVault. Nice work! This one has made it onto my Dock and I look forward to future features.
Published: 2021/5/1 10:37  Updated: 2021/5/1 10:37
Site Builder
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: Athens/Dublin
Comments: 828
 thank you guys
thank you guys for the kind words. More features are coming.
Published: 2021/5/7 23:52  Updated: 2021/5/7 23:52
Just popping in
Joined: 07/20/2011
From: In the sticks
Comments: 172
 Re: thank you guys
Awesome work George, can't wait to install and check this out!
Published: 2021/5/11 10:19  Updated: 2021/5/11 10:19
Site Builder
Joined: 12/02/2006
From: Athens/Dublin
Comments: 828
Thanks billyfish. It wouldn't be possible without your work and help. If everything goes well, this weekend will release a new version with extra stuff.
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