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Software News : AmigaOS 4: UFRaw 0.22 for AmiCygnix released
Posted by cygnusEd on 2019/12/7 9:42:43 (163 reads) News by the same author
Software News

With UFRaw you can edit and convert RAW images. The program is based on Dave Coffin's "DCRaw" and supports various formats.
UFRaw can be used standalone and as a plug-in for the image editor "The Gimp". Is automatically detected and queried during the installation of UFRaw.

* Supports various RAW image formats (based on "DCRaw V9.26").
* Can be used as a Gimp plug-in (needs an already installed Gimp 2.6 package).
* Is able to read and write Exif data (exiv2 V0.25). The tool "exiv2" is also included and can be called via a shell.
* Supports color management with "Little CMS 2" (lcms2 V2.1).
* A new version of "Lensfun" (0.3.2) with the support of many new cameras and lenses is integrated. Lensfun is a library for the removal and simulation of photographic lens distortions.
* New features compared to the last version 0.19:
  - Saving now also supports the file format "fits" (Flexible Image Transport System), a format developed by NASA.
  - Support for JPEG2000 graphics is now integrated.

Supported formats
* Unidentified Flying Raw (*.ufraw)
* Adobe Digital Negative (*.dng)
* Alpha Raw Format (*.arw)
* ARRIRAW Image (*.ari)
* Canon Raw (*.crw, *.cr2)
* DC25 Digital Camera File (*.dc2)
* Epson RAW File (*.erf)
* Fuji Raw Image (*.raf)
* Hasselblad RAW Image (*.fff)
* Hasselblad 3F Raw Image (*.3fr)
* Kodak Raw Image (*.dcr, *.k25, *.kdc, *.kc2)
* Leaf Camera RAW File (*.mos)
* Leica RAW Image (*.rwl)
* Mamiya RAW Image (*.mef)
* Minolta Raw Image (*.mrw)
* Nikon Raw Image (*.nef, *.nrw)
* Olympus Raw Image (*.orf)
* Panasonic Raw Image (*.raw, *.rw2)
* Phase One RAW Image (*.iiq)
* PictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Graphic Image (*.pxn)
* Pentax Raw Image (*.pef)
* Quicktake (*.qtk)
* Samsung RAW Image (*.srw)
* Sigma Raw Image (*.x3f)
* Sinar CaptureShop RAW Image (*.cs1)
* Sony Raw Format (*.srf, *.sr2)

Download: http://os4depot.net/index.php?functio ... e=graphics/edit/ufraw.lha
Homepage: http://ufraw.sourceforge.net

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