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(Runin)UAE: Save files cannot be replaced (Solved)
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Hi there,

i wonder if anyone else has this problem and/or knows a solution?

I have set my virtual hdd (uaerc) to rw and i *can* save to it, but only the very first time

If i try to "replace" a save file it just silently does nothing.
Which is a major bummer because if i play CD32 games (i.e. Cannon Fodder) it will save once and then never again, leaving me at the first state.

How do i "enable" that in RuninUAE?

# UAE config for RunInUAE, which is designed to modify an existing working UAE config

# Use 3.1 Kickstart for Workbench, but allow ADF-booted games to still use an older Kickstart

# Emulate an A1200, but still allow A500 emulation for ADF-booted games


# Emulate an expanded A1200 with 8MB of Fast Ram!

# Set frame skipping (1=show all frames, 2=show every 2nd frame, 3=show every 3rd frame, etc)

# Add floppy disk which can be used for saving games

# Filesystem settings for virtual devices
#filesystem2=ro,RAM Disk2_:RAM Disk2:RAM Disk:,-1

A few notes, i have disabled floppy and the ro hdds because they are not used anyway (in CD32 games) and i'm using "basic workbench".

Save and load works, but it won't let me replace any files (once saved it sits there)
The file is called "savegame" and it's rwed, so it "should" be possible to be overwritten, alas nothing happens

Oh and this is *not* a problem solely of CD32 games, it happens with *every* game that saves to hdd.

I have yet to try a game that can save to floppy

Any help, please?

EDIT: Hmm, it seems it's working correctly if i leave the "full Workbench" in the background (no "basic Workbench" setting)

Need to test more games...done

The culprit lies in using "basic workbench mode"
Turning that off and letting the full workbench load in before a game starts is slower, but at least it fixes my "replace" problem.
Why it does that, though, is beyond me.

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