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Open Source Games Available!
Just popping in
Just popping in

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There Are 4 (3) Games I know which have been released as open source ... but very few talk about.

1) B.O.B (Battle of Britain) Rowans software
the follow up to this is purely some addedd missions if I understand the talk at the forums I've been to.

2) MIG Alley also from Rowan Software
Rowan pretty much Open Sourced at the end of their lives so.. I wonder if perhaps their best is open sourced, Flight of the Intruder.

3) Tornado by Spectrum Holobyte/Digital Integration, Yes the Flight Simulator that so many said could not run on Amigas. full source code but... the source is in MS-DOS Assembler. They are pretty much screaming for someone with a good knowledge in ms-dos assembler have not heard of anyone trying even to port it either to PC (well to C++/C), linux etc.

4) Falcon 4.0 (Spectrum Holobyte), I managed to secure one of the last openly free source repos of falcon, namely freefalcon 6.0, it is in c/c++ some asm, it had a strange affair with Open source where it changed status a couple of times. I do know that the head-honcho of S.H. at the time does not have an issue with it being Open Source AFAIR.

all 4 are available from my github.

if anybody has the 3dfx source code they released before NVidia withdrew from open source statusn let me know. some of those or similar old ms-dos/wing/win32 games require Arcade SDK

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Re: Open Source Games Available!
Just popping in
Just popping in

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It's doubtful that Tornado will ever get ported to any modern platform. It was written in assembly to maximize the anemic-by-today's standards PC hardware equipped with a VGA framebuffer. The developers needed to eek out every last bit of performance possible because this was in the days before GPU accelerators. CPUs at release time averaged 33 MIPS (486-33Mhz) or less. The assembly code bangs the PC hardware directly, such as accessing VGA registers and memory. It would be easier to just do a complete re-write of Tornado from the ground up in a modern language with modern CPUs/GPUs in mind because modern operating systems don't allow code to directly access the hardware. So essentially there's no way to port this assembly code to a modern OS. Porting Tornado in C/C++ or another higher level language is a huge undertaking and I doubt there's enough interest in such a port to even motivate any coders to take it on.

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