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External Anti-Aliasing HDMI cable
Just popping in
Just popping in

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Something I spotted on tech websites which i think will interest AmigaOS4 users.

Marseille recently released a HDMI cable with an inhouse ASIC intergrated to anti-alias video, with 3D games specifically in mind.


Linustechtips made a video review of it, at 4:30 they show off Quake 2 and Unreal at 480p which I find to be really impressive.

(link starts at 4:30 mark)

This is excellent for older AmigaOnes/Sams with R200 graphics cards, with a DVI to HDMI passive adapter.

As those machines are held back by the old Warp3D api and the (i think) cpu heavy minigl wrapper, they do not perform well with 3D games.

On my AmigaOne XE with a 7457 @1066mhz and 128 bit R280, I am stuck playing Quake 3 at an ugly 800x600 further blurred on a HD monitor,
I'm not sure if Warp3D supports anti-aliasing outside the 3DFX Voodoo 5 if it even supports anti-aliasing at all.

I am temped to buy this, however I actually rarely play games on my AmigaOne
and unfortunately the cable is designed towards Consoles thus there is noway of telling the cable to stop anti-aliasing.

So it will try to anti-alias the workbench as well.

I imagine that you would need to have a short HDMI extension cable hanging from your display and one HDMI Y-splitter cable connected to your video card and connect the mCable and a normal HDMI cable to it.

Have the normal cable connected to the extension cable with the mCable lying on your desk and whenever you want to play games you swap the cables.

The cable is rated for 1080p @ 120hz, there is also a "cinema" version of the cable which only difference there is i think is that it rated for 4k60 video.

This cable is also shown in the Linustechtips video at 6:24 and again looks awesome.

The cable also complements the system's native/internal anti-aliasing well so it is also future proof for newer PPC machines/NOVA.

So what do you guys think of this?

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