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Re: Possible port of px68k ?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Actually the reasons the Japanese market never had any penetration with Amiga on the desktop are summirizable with the following...

Japanese version of Kickstart Development was never actually completed to a release state (It is only documented *publicly* as part of a DevCon set of release notes as to being *partially* developed)

Shift-JIS was the encoding choice at the time ( approximately the same time as UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings were developed ( Shift-JIS / EUC-JP and other encodings for Japanese Korean and Chinese are now somewhat of a grey zone between "de facto" viable standards and legacy compatability ~ in the opinions of several local Japanese developers that I have talked with... actual status is indeterminate afaik)

Additionally, developer resources for Japanese Editions of the Kickstart and Workbench software were redirected into other (C= PC-10/PC-20/PC-30...) projects instead...also marking another point of timeframe reference.

This is as far as I can recall right now the internal reasoning as to why AmigaOS never made it into Japan as anything beyond a niche within a niche for non-Windows/non-Mac systems presence.

modern "marketroid speechwriting" and general market penetration of the whole "a PC comes with Windows" mindshare along with an excessively "tech x needs technicians" mindset(ant-like specialization of the group???)
worked against the platform as well.

as for more "modern" reference...
When I have shown my AmigaOS sam440 to local developers (usually when discussing a point pre-agreed on a month or two months in advance ** yes schedules need to planned up to 6 months in advance of anything happening!!!)

I have generally received positive feedback... even with a few people actively voicing feelings of jealousy about how responsive the basic system is.

the main *negative* feedback has mostly been the lack of developer presence, and the reliance on so many split web forums along with the whole 4-way split
(AOS3 "Classicists", AOS4, MOS and AROS... 4 niches within the "Amiga" niche itself... )

Actually living and working in Japan is a mixed blessing for access to the developers here (of which there are not that many !!!)

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Re: Can second ethernet port on Sam460ex be used?
Just popping in
Just popping in

@All ...

This is specifically a limitation of the ppc440ep_eth.device and equivalent sam460ex drivers being written to only work with ONE of the two ports

(Unit 0 and Unit 1 are mutually exclusive to select which)

This has been explained to me on the hyperion forums...

even *after* I asked if it was a software or hardware limitation (if it is only software... an updated driver could be made to work with both ports imho...if a hardware limitation... ugh)

However no one has answered my asking which form of limitation it actually is...

Maybe this will be on the "todo list" and get an update sometime?
or will a non-os developer need to actively write a replacement?

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Re: Anyone here do data recovery from Amiga formatted hard drives?
Just popping in
Just popping in


ESATA and SATA cables are the same kinda thing just with different plugs on the ends (the drive itself is still actually the same)

Only the case-external plug from the computer is different,

I actually *have* an External-SATA (E-SATA) bracket here...

I just mount on the back of the case and plug to normal SATA ports and the external cable plugs into the ESATA port and connects to the regular SATA connector on the drive itself.

any "ESATA case" would literally be a case and cable arrangement without any controller or electronics outside what the drive normally provides directly I would be guessing based on the above cable I have.

so ESATA is just a SATA controller + HDD with extended cable going through a funny connector bracket...
effectively useless if you have a long enough SATA cable.

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Issue replication required...AmiSphere credentials issue
Just popping in
Just popping in

Does anyone else have experience where logging into the AMIstore website refuses the login and reports a 401 error

despite usage of correct username/password?

Running both applications on my sam440-flex
AMIstore Application worked...
Odyssey Browser failed...

In that order exactly!

I used Chrome on my Wife's windows 10 laptop to actually login with exactly the same credentials.

Wondering if this is an AMIstore site specific or Odyssey specific issue or do I have an underlying issue with regards to ssl / Browser Authentication.

Does anyone know any settings or other things I should look at which may possibly be related?

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Re: USB shown having CDFS filesystem
Just popping in
Just popping in

It isn't one of the newer "InstallCD" prepared devices is it ?

I have come across several variations of this where a USB device will appear as a physical CD (not actually but the hardware appears as such) until the device is accessed and given a special command to "switch off" the CD Emulation and switch over to the full device capabilities.

I first encountered this using a cellullar modem with a Linux machine some years ago.

just something to think about as the "CDFS" may actually BE a full "Virtual CD ROM" using on-device read-only storage until "flipped over" to "full access" mode...

I would have to lookup what I did for the Linux machine again as there is a more proper term for this.

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Re: What USB driver do you miss on OS4?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Has anyone else need of Renasas USB3 controller xHCI support?

something I have picked up is a USB3 controller that works in a sam440flex...

anyway...I'll see how far I can hackup drivers that polymorph actually needs...

one reason why it's taking so fracking long is the driver level requirements...

Amd I *did* originally state I wasn't very knowledgable about drivers...

ahh well... back at it...

btw... definitely need some driver writing help with testing some little more than skeleton code so it's confirmed as working for more than just me...

anyone willing to test?

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Re: Available for OS4?
Just popping in
Just popping in


There is a softraid.device driver, and not exactly related.

I do have a suggestion for HDToolbox(OS3)/Media Toolbox(OS4) to possibly work around RAID setups but requires extra consideration when partitioning.

I've been looking at open ZFS a little bit.

It appears usable for such things at least initially.
Anyone able to add an opinion as to whether it would be worth the time making it work including bootstrapping?

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Re: Available for OS4?
Just popping in
Just popping in


How about a "simple" floppy controller written into the FPGA for the sam440/sam460, using the "whole track" linear read option the same as Gary and not the sector reading PC floppies normally do?

IIRC that is the magic difference allowing the full read/write that classic 68k Amiga machines use for 880/1.6MB formatted space.

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Re: 3d printing with Amiga?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Modellers = Blender (already an Amiga port existing), OpenSCAD ( requires several libraries)

Slicers = Slic3r (perl scripting, so newest mainline perl's Amiga builds), SFACT ( depending on python2.7, 68K-2.3 and PPC-2.5 builds are not new enough)

Device Controllers = Cura and Pronterface, written in C and Python...along with other options

These are all reprap project referenced software titles.

Use Broadblues Blender builds to create STL's...
Then his perl builds to run slic3r creating G-Code,
Leaving only the problem of feeding this through Term or an equivalent to a serial connected or usb-serial linked CNC controller (RAMPS/Sanguinololu/SmoothieWare)
Optionally using SmoothieBoard controllers by IPv4 network
And just OWB browser upload the G-Code tomicroSD card and tell it to print that way.

The main requirement is feeding "Slic3r" or an equivalent slicing tool with an AMF or STL file and then feeding the produced G-Code to a SmoothieBoard(USB/Ethernet) or RAMPS open-hardware controller (SmoothieBoard is highly recommendable as I personally have made use of one of these on a sam440 and it appears with both mass-storage AND serial USB functions, the Ethernet option makes ALL existing network capable Amiga's with OWB able to use it pretty quickly)

Poseidon's existing usb-serial support along with REXX scripting for existing terminal programs gives a very simple but effective option for the serial option as well.

RAMPS controllers can take serial cabling directly and skip USB entirely as well (USB is conversion of serial to USB separate from the ATmega MCU used to control the machine from the ramps)

Sanguinololu schematics show where you can wire USB and serial as parallel options, but only one can work at a time.

Hopefully this is of some help,

www.reprap.org. www.smoothieware.(com?/net?/org?) have more specific information.

The FPGA on sam4x0 and the Xena on X1K A1 machines are not of any use unless you want to use Xena for an updated "LightWave ScreamerNet" or the FPGA's for some kind of hardware acceleration?

Edits are some autocorrect ion fixups...and adding a workflow description of what can already work.

Happy Hacking.

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Re: 3d printing with Amiga?
Just popping in
Just popping in


The main issue here is rebuilding Cuts's C components with AmigaOS serial.device usage or
Binding "pronterface"(python scripting) with a python serial.device access extension.

These would enable the printing side of things.

3D scanning is more along the lines of photo processing with a known visual scale as part of the image (from what little I know from repeal building).

As for the controllers...you can try accessing any G-Code controlled machine using JRComm/NTerm/Term and scripting those too

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Re: OdysseyLauncherPE released for testing
Just popping in
Just popping in




OdysseusSails (abuse of the reference?)

As possible names?
Maybe a poll?

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Re: AmigaOS WikiPage
Just popping in
Just popping in


"C:SetKeyboard d" may work better?

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Re: Support forum: JAmiga
Just popping in
Just popping in


Any way to use Intuition/MUI objects behind any internal java std lib abstractions?

What is needed for the updated java engine?

Would a "blank canvas" for output along with a basic "I got a click/key press" input handler possibly help?

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Re: What is the correct nomenclature?
Just popping in
Just popping in


unchanged from 2.x(introduction of extended options without changing the 1.x core structure)


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Re: BEWARE unreliable Seagate HDs (esp. 7200.11 & 7200.14)
Just popping in
Just popping in


IBM and Hitachi drives are off the same assembly line AFAIK, unless that has changed again.

@All, personally I have managed to plug 3x 500GB drives into my sam440 and partitioned everything in such a way as to have lots of mirrors present.

not raid at all but independent filesystems

I've already been bitten once in losing everything on an A4000 due to HDD failure

Edited by Belxjander on 2016/2/3 23:35:14
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Re: Classic Amiga PARNET on OS4 is it possible?
Just popping in
Just popping in


the best Parnet compatible/equivalent would be the project package as it offers both parallel and serial link options (also a special floppy port option)


The catch with any non-68K Amiga system 'compatible regardless of the machine is this...

Amiga 68K system parallel ports include the equivalent of SCSI termination resistor packs on the port lines,
Mac / Pegasos / sam440 / X1000 and other machines all use PC equivalent ports which lack this crucial electronics difference.

This difference is one of the key factors making parnet possible electronically.

If anyone wishes to provide a "fixed" parallel port card with an updated parent/project device setup?

I recall at some point seeing some claimed parnet sources...
if anyone can track those down or the above project sources
it may be possible to build on that for an updated parnet?

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Re: Samba/smb.conf + Windows 10 ??
Just popping in
Just popping in


Actually it does work if you don't mind finding the buried settings in Win10 along with messing with advanced samba materials and making somewhat of a mess with dcpromo stuff under Windows(a Windows NT 4/2000/XP/...) server legacy

I had to deal with this kind of crap some years ago...

I'll have to see about digging out an old config and messing with this junk again.

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Re: Bounty to solve endianess issue in Odyssey's JavaScript engine
Just popping in
Just popping in


Not just Odessey, I get the same thing from long running, long-term-partial-refresh JavaScript pages in TimberWolf where new things get made but the old ones aren't flushed until I restart the browser or machine.

@All: Endianness is whether the most significant bit of any binary value is the highest or lowest addressable part of any value really.

at least it isn't the half and half PDP-11 style

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Re: Updated Gnu compiler?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Just for notes...anyone who uses that adtools setup will preferably be running it on Ubuntu "Wily Werewolf" and I recommend the LTS branch for making GCC 4.9

Hope this helps...

now we just need a cross compiler users guide

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Re: AMD open source Radeon Graphics
Just popping in
Just popping in


Aaahhhh... Even Better an existing Resource Manager,

Excellent news!!!

I'll just have to work on buying your upgraded drivers as well at some point.

Definitely need the RM access for a couple of things I have in mind...

though I'll stick with trying to hack away at my small wish list and hope other people have similar interests.

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