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Re: Touchscreen USB drivers for AmigaOS4. 1
Just popping in
Just popping in


A little update.
Two betatesters confirm that the HID Multitouch driver works with two different touchscreens.
Any other betatester is welcome!


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Re: MediaVault releases
Just popping in
Just popping in

Tried v1.15.
The problem remains on the OS4.1 Beta.
With the OS4.1 update 2 I have no problems.

Snoopy shows me the following:

00001 : WBL : 0 = FindSegmentStackSize("<untracked>") [25uS]
00002 : WBL : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("workbench.library",0) [9uS]
00003 : WBL : ZERO = SetCurrentDir("<untracked>")
00004 : WBL : o.k. = Lock("MediaVault",SHARED) [39uS]
00005 : WBL : o.k. = ExamineObject([LK] "MediaVault") [15uS]
00006 : WBL : o.k. = LoadSeg("MediaVault") = [0x12F049D5] [1779uS]
00007 : WBL : o.k. = Lock("MediaVault",SHARED) [30uS]
00008 : WBL : DIR = ParentDir("MediaVault") [6uS]
00009 : WBL : DIR = SetCurrentDir("<ZERO>")
00010 : WBL : 102400 = FindSegmentStackSize("MediaVault") [68uS]
00011 : MediaVault : 102400 = FindSegmentStackSize("MediaVault") [3uS]
00012 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("utility.library",50) [5uS]
00013 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("newlib.library",52) [3uS]
00014 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : 0 = FindSegmentStackSize("<untracked>") [11uS]
00015 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("newlib.library",52) [3uS]
00016 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("dos.library",40) [5uS]
00017 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("intuition.library",0) [2uS]
00018 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("utility.library",0) [2uS]
00019 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : o.k. = [exec] OpenDevice("input.device",0,0x4BE3B08C,0x00000000) = 0 [13uS]
00020 : CON/con-handler 53.82 : o.k. = [exec] OpenDevice("timer.device",1,0x4BC0E360,0x00000000) = 0 [7uS]
00021 : MediaVault : o.k. = Open("CON:64/48/800/200/MediaVault/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT",OLD) = [0x1688DAC0] [2217uS]
00022 : MediaVault : o.k. = DupLock("<untracked>") [10uS]
00023 : MediaVault : ZERO = SetCurrentDir("<untracked>")
00024 : MediaVault : o.k. = IsInteractive("CON:64/48/800/200/MediaVault/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT")
00025 : MediaVault : o.k. = IsInteractive("CON:64/48/800/200/MediaVault/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT")
00026 : MediaVault : o.k. = IsInteractive("CON:64/48/800/200/MediaVault/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT")
00027 : MediaVault : o.k. = IsInteractive("CON:64/48/800/200/MediaVault/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT")
00028 : MediaVault : FAIL = GetVar("EXEC_IMPORT_LOCAL",0x53E10D18,8,0x00000200) [4uS]
00029 : MediaVault : o.k. = Lock("Work:Audio/MediaVault",SHARED) [23uS]
00030 : MediaVault : DIR = SetCurrentDir("Work:Audio/MediaVault")
00031 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("icon.library",0) [12uS]
00032 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("window.class",0) [9uS]
00033 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/texteditor.gadget",0) [11uS]
00034 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/string.gadget",0) [3uS]
00035 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/scroller.gadget",0) [4uS]
00036 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("requester.class",0) [5uS]
00037 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/listbrowser.gadget",0) [3uS]
00038 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/layout.gadget",0) [4uS]
00039 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("images/label.image",0) [3uS]
00040 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("intuition.library",0) [3uS]
00041 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/chooser.gadget",0) [4uS]
00042 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("gadgets/button.gadget",0) [3uS]
00043 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("images/bitmap.image",0) [3uS]
00044 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("application.library",0) [9014uS]
00045 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("application.library",53) [3023uS]
00046 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("intuition.library",54) [3uS]
00047 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("utility.library",53) [2uS]
00048 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("jansson.library",2) [15uS]
00049 : MediaVault : o.k. = [exec] OpenLibrary("amisslmaster.library",4) [23446uS]

Opening amisslmaster.library is the last output from MediaVault.

I will continue on the github mediavault page.

Edited by AlfredOne on 2021/6/10 13:49:46
Edited by AlfredOne on 2021/6/10 14:04:49
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Re: MediaVault releases
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hello everybody,
i think i have the same problem on my x1000.
If I try to run MediaVault on my OS4.1 beta partition, I have no sign of life.
I didn't have time to investigate further.
As soon as I can, I will try to be more helpful.

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Touchscreen USB drivers for AmigaOS4. 1
Just popping in
Just popping in

the "HID Multitouch USB" driver has entered the betatesting phase.
This driver should support the vast majority of modern touchscreens.
As it is a very complex driver, there is a need to test it on as many devices as possible.
So guys, wake up the betatester in you and contact me if you have a touchscreen.


Edited by AlfredOne on 2021/4/17 14:15:17
Edited by AlfredOne on 2021/4/18 0:29:23
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Re: USB devices that work with OS4.1 FE
Just popping in
Just popping in

All the touchscreens supported by the touch.device.
I'm the author of touch.device.
You can find the list of supported touchscreens in the project site:

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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hello guys!
The first public beta release of my touch device for AmigaOS4 is online.
You can download it from the homepage Project4A or from OS4Depot.

Best regards.


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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in

You can find an update about the state of work here:
https://project4a.webs.com/apps/blog/e ... port-on-the-state-of-work

Here is a demo video:
https://project4a.webs.com/apps/videos ... 80720-multitouch-amigaos4

I'm searching for Betatesters.

The touch framework is almost completed.
The video shows the preferences of the touch device used to calibrate and test the touchscreen.
Then you can see my touchbench application translating basic touch gestures to mouse events on the workbench screen.
E.g. the app produces a right mouse button press event when pressing and holding the screen for >3secs .

Edited by AlfredOne on 2020/7/21 6:46:31
Edited by AlfredOne on 2020/7/22 1:22:16
Edited by AlfredOne on 2020/7/22 2:54:20
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Re: OpenGL ES shader compiler problems.
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hi Hans,
i have the same error:
"Need 124 SGPRs, which exceeds the maximum of 104."
What changes can I make to the fragment shader code to avoid the error?

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Re: AmiSystemRestore - beta testers wanted!
Just popping in
Just popping in

I'm ready for betatesting AmiSystemRestore on my AmigaONE XE and AmigaOS4.1u3!

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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in

Project4Amiga Touchscreen Driver

Here you can find the list of compatible touchscreens.

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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in


This is the video of the touchscreen driver running on my AmigaONE and OS4.1u2.


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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in


i'm the author of the driver.
If someone has got a different touchscreen, tell me the model (e-mail: project4amiga@gmail.com) and i'll try to write a driver for it.


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Re: ragemem benchmark results thread !
Just popping in
Just popping in

This is my configuration:
AmigaOne G4 - 2GB Ram
Radeon 9200 - 256MB

That's the ragemem result:

RAGEMEM v0.34 - compiled 11/02/2010

CPU: Motorola MPC 7441/7451 Vger 2.1 @ 800 Mhz
Caches Sizes: L1: 32 KB - L2: 256 KB - L3: none

---> L1 <---
READ: 6084 MB/Sec
WRITE: 2027 MB/Sec

---> L2 <---
READ: 1804 MB/Sec
WRITE: 1334 MB/Sec

---> RAM <---
READ: 148 MB/Sec
WRITE: 607 MB/Sec
WRITE: 643 MB/Sec (Tricky)

---> VIDEO BUS <---
READ: 33 MB/Sec
WRITE: 161 MB/Sec

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Re: AmigaOne XE. Need some help.
Just popping in
Just popping in


I have an AmigaONE G4 XE.
I'll try to help you today, after work.

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Re: OS4.1 Update 1 problems & solutions
Just popping in
Just popping in


I had the same problem. The lha archive is corrupted if downloaded by IBrowse.
I downloaded it with OWB.

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Re: linux cross compiler toolchain for Amiga OS4.1
Just popping in
Just popping in

I configured Code::Block and compiled my simple "Hello World".
The size of the executable built on Linux is 69798 bytes.
After building it, the executable appears in "Ram:".
DoubleClick on its and a dialog show this message: "Required dynamic symbol missing".
I close this dialog, and a new dialog tell me that "the file is not executable".
Can anyone help me?

I'm using Ubuntu .10 64bit.

Thank you.

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Re: Why when SAM crash = freeze ????
Just popping in
Just popping in

It's the same for me, using AmigaOne G4 800MGhz and OS4.1.

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Re: Anyone want to test Catweasel Mk4 drivers under OS4?
Just popping in
Just popping in

I would be happy to help you. I have AmigaONE G4, AmigaOS4.1 and Catweasel Mk4.

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Re: AmigaOne UBoot status?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Will be forever impossible to booting from a SATA HD (controller Sil3512) on AmigaOne?

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Re: Happy owner of an AmigaOne
Just popping in
Just popping in


Great. Do you have a catweasel MK4 plus?
I have MK4. Have you never used it?
i can't read floppy Amiga, can you help me?

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