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Re: Free CPU



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Free CPU


You can PM on here. I will announce on here and the a.org thread when its been taken.

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Re: Run an Amiga usergroup in the UK? We need to talk - Now!!!


Count me in, PM me with IRC date/time, or venue if we are having a barbie at Outcast's!

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Re: A1SE dead again


Just give your A1 to me and buy a SAM hehe. no, I am sure it can be repaired. Someone like AmigaCenter would certainly get that back as good as new I guess.

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Beverly Hills Day

I heard on radio 2 this morning, today is Beverly Hills Day: 90210 (9/02/10 - get it?). Cool.

In the USA it would be 02910 but hey is Beverly Hills Day here in the UK at least. Not sure what countries use what date format and what is the more widely used - if its the UK format, then Beverly Hills Day is an international event!

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GVP A1230 Turbo+ II Battery

Does anyone know what battery is right for the GVP Jaws II?

The writing on the battery says:
DS TIC 1494 618AC 9310A5

The only result I get when putting that into Google is a Finnish Amiga user having the same problem. I thought it might be:


Based on dimensions, but I assumed it would be a 3V cell. Its only putting out 0.2v so I can't even tell you what it is putting out without seeing a circuit diagram of the board.

I have PM'd someone on amiga.org who said they had a pdf manual, in case its in there. If anyone else has a clue, please let me know. It is not as wide as a CR8032 and it is about twice the height (I don't have a micrometer but with a ruler its about 17mm by 5mm ish).

A pic: http://www.lrgsoftware.com/mike/batt.jpg

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Re: Classic Hardware still in demand


That said, it is a nice, kicka$$ system! I just wouldn't go that for for hardware that old. Still looking for a good condition 1000 though if anyone is having a clear out :)

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Classic Hardware still in demand

Take a look at this eBay listing.

At the time of writing, it has 4 days left to go and has already got to the price of a SAM440 and OS4.1! My guess is people will keep paying lots of money for classic PPC stuff, and who knows why when you can get nextgen for less - OS3.x fans perhaps?

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Yes I would say it being that....

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Yeah this is Mikey's show - thanks to him we should have a cracker of an event. We are all ready to get behind this Mikey - but you have to MC!

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What is it? Its the most ambitious VENUE for the most ambitious product launch party!

When we get confirmation on the V and a product ready date on P we can release more details.

All we can tell you is it is being organised by the (in)famous people who bought you the Big Bash events last decade and it will be in the UK!

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Re: How many SAM's have been sold?


Looks like the same threads as the "how many A1's have been sold?"


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Re: Christmas !!!

Turkey or chicken is the traditional British Christmas dinner, but so many other meats and poultry are usually added or used instead (when people are fed up with Turkey!)

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Re: Amiga Revival Fair 2009 - Tables Available!

I have a horrible feeling I will be doing something, being a weekend and that close to Xmas, no doubt I am signed up in someone's diary. I will have to check. How many tables left? I could bring some classic Amigas along and demo IRC on a 7MHz machine and some oldskool demos or something (calendar permitting)?

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Re: Amiga Youtube videos

Slightly off-topic, but keeping with the Amiga video theme, I came accross a video I had not seen the other day. I had seen the Deathbed Vigil but never this one from the earlyer days at Commodore-Amiga:

http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?d ... omodore+computer&hl=en-GB

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Amiga Classic IRC Channel

A while back, I created #amiga68k on the Amigaworld IRC network. Whilst popular at first, it dwindled down to nothing. But recently there has been a classic Amiga revival and people are now occupying the channel once more.

The channel was setup for those of us stuck in the past and still loving the OS 1-3.9 Amiga systems.

There is some good chat in there (albeit a lot of idling, but that's true of most IRC channels in my experience). Its a lot of fun, and you can find people using their classic and nextgen Amigas to actually chat in the channel, for example when I am logged on as A600, I am using my Amiga 600, 68000 (7MHz) machine with 2MB RAM, OS3.1 and a 512MB Flash Hard Drive. I connect to my router via a PCMCIA Wireless card.

Come and join in sometime if you want somewhere else to chat about classic Amiga software and hardware!

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Re: AmiTunes 0.5

Shame no more are being made due to a lack of MAS chips :(

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Re: Amiga Amiga Amiga!


I went A600/A1200 classic. I notice no CD32/CDTV....

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Re: Who has a new SAM flex coming?


I would like to get a SAM board but with the OS too, its too expensive for me just to play with. If I could use one commercially, I could get the company to pay :)

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Re: AmiTunes 0.5


Thanks for the info, I have emailed Amigakit in case they have some coming in.

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