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[Edited] Why Commodore Failed and Why Petro might not be the good guy we thought he was
Amigans Defender
2006/11/19 17:45
From Cambridgeshire, UK.
Posts: 2064
Thanks to the guys at Guru Meditation, who have uploaded an interview they did entitled
"A Conversation with Commodore UK's David John Pleasance & Trevor Dickinson"

It's worth a watch. Thoroughly recommend it. Looking back, it's very sad what happened.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhTNR6XZJd0&t=5s

Comments welcome, but keep it civil please.

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Edited by Mikey_C on 2017/10/9 21:14:38
Mikey C

No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.
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Re: [Edited] Why Commodore Failed and Why Petro might not be the good guy we thought he was
Not too shy to talk
2006/11/27 16:55
Posts: 274

Some of the truth about Petro came out in the wash a decade ago.

Bill McEwen: While they began their work, Petro sold all of our computers for 75,000.00 to a company in India and quits. The sales of the old hardware was generating about 150,000.00 per month in revenue. We have over 20,000 units left, when he sold all of them for 75,000.00

Olaf Barthel: I heard the story, and it was just what I expected Petro to do. Petro for me was the kind of person you just couldn't trust. Ever. After shaking hands with him, I always counted my fingers.


https://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/ ... 7cv00631/143245/35/5.html Page 9.

Most people missed some of the finer details that came out of that court case. Petro showed back up again in 2012 offering 500 NOS A1200 Magic packs for €150 + tax each. Was the saviour merely shifting on stolen goods to the community?

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Re: [Edited] Why Commodore Failed and Why Petro might not be the good guy we thought he was
Quite a regular
2009/5/1 17:57
From Czech Republic
Posts: 969
I didn't subscribe to the Petro craze back then. I've always seen him as a guy who flies in for Amiga shows, gets in front of cameras to gain some publicity, and leaves.

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!

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Re: [Edited] Why Commodore Failed and Why Petro might not be the good guy we thought he was
Just can't stay away
2007/2/23 13:49
From Finland, the land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki
Posts: 1086
Some people seems to tell now and then how bad Petro was "stoling goodies" and so on. He have visited here in Finland few times and every Finnish Amiga enthusiast usually thinks he's a good guy. I've met him in person myself three years ago. What I remember him saying that he tried to retire from Amiga business around mid 90s many times but everybody, retailers, executives and so on, kept calling him asking to fix this and fix that because nobody else was doing anything. So I guess that even if he wasn't in position to make business decisions but everybody kept asking him and looking like anybody else didn't know what to do or being incompetent he decided to help. Also with all those bankcrupties I guess there wasn't always clear knowledge of who owns what and who's responsible of what. Also he trying to retire maybe that's reason why people think he "disappeared" sometimes. But I'm speculating only.

He has written a book but I don't know if it was ever translated to English so far.

Rock lobster bit me, so excuse me.
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