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massstorage.usbfd problem with 4.1FEU1
Just popping in
2012/2/15 11:05
Posts: 78
massstorage.usbfd v53.37 (02/02/2014) mounts an 8GB Verbatim STORE N GO usb stick, but massstorage.usbfd v53.83 (27/11/2016) fails to do so :


USB Fkt Init | Init Fkt | Fkt 0x38ad5700 is {Vendor: 0x18A5, Product: 0x0302, Class: 00.00}
USB Fkt Init | Init Fkt | Fkt 0x38ad5700 initialized
USB FD fkt start | BindInterfaceDriver | No interface driver of fkt 0x38ad5700/ifc 0x47d89180 {Class 08.06} has been found
USB FD fkt start | FD launcher | Could not bind any suitable interface driver for fkt 0x38ad5700

The official change log:

massstorage.usbfd 53.83

o A crash could occurr during warm reboot;

There seem to be many differences regarding the file size::

massstorage.usbfd.v53.37 157812 ----arwe 02-Φεβ-14 22:19:00
massstorage.usbfd 55780 ----arwe 27-Νοε-16 20:09:30

H/W : Sam440F@800MHz, Verbatim StoreNGo 8GB

Has anybody else experienced such problems?

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Re: massstorage.usbfd problem with 4.1FEU1
Just can't stay away
2006/12/4 23:15
Posts: 1756

I have an 8gb Verbatim stick, it's never worked properly with any version of the usb mass storage driver. (that I remeber anyway)

At best it would mount and then eratically and unpredictable lose connection.

No other usb stick behased so, so I suspect a flexible attitude to the spec by the manufacturer.

The same stick also had issues on AROS on one of my rare ventures into that arena.

It does work well with linux, and my screen capture box will work with it, but is very fussy, sometimes require a reformat before it will write data again. But linux has a nore extensiv driver writing team.

Blender For OS4.x : Blues : Walker Broad
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