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X5000 reviewed by Ars Technica
Home away from home
2007/5/19 13:23
From England
Posts: 3537
The review is here:
https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/0 ... beloved-amiga-meets-2017/

While I haven't read all of it yet, it comes across as pretty positive so far. But I have spotted a couple of mistakes:
* The article claims that "memory protection" was added in 4.0 ! Maybe he meant virtual memory (actually paged memory) in 4.1?
* He says there is a "MagicWorkbench” GUI development library, when I assume he means "Magic User Interface"!
* Apparently "Hyperion and A-EON have released a tool called RunInUAE", but I shall forgive the mistaken attribution

Author of the PortablE programming language.
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Re: X5000 reviewed by Ars Technica
Just can't stay away
2006/11/24 17:54
From Sanremo
Posts: 1731
nice reading

Yes father, forgive them! LOL!!!

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Re: X5000 reviewed by Ars Technica
Home away from home
2007/9/11 11:31
From Russia
Posts: 4513
Yeah, article kind of positive, but a bit misleading in some parts as well :)

Imho, should be bolded the phrase "while you can install gfx cards with any amount of memory, and can put a lot of GB of main memory, os still don't have ability to use more than 256mb of video ram, as well as can't use more that 1.8gb of main memory with some exceptions".

Then, there will be much less positive comments under article :) Ppls even now say "damn, how expensive" and co, but they do not know that half of hardware not utilizied by OS :)

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