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Software News : BOH update17 released
Posted by saimo on 2016/11/22 9:16:07 (431 reads)
Software News

After more than two months of hard work, BOH gets yet another free update!
More specifically, this update:.....

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Software News : NetSurf 3.6 web browser released!
Posted by Chris on 2016/11/20 14:43:30 (321 reads)
Software News

NetSurf is a small fast web browser for AmigaOS and other platforms.

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Software News : Catacomb 3D has arrived! Shipping starts tomorrow
Posted by phoenixkonsole on 2016/11/15 22:31:09 (414 reads)
Software News

I am sorry for the delay.. we had two reasons them:

First one was a technical issue in the printing facility which resulted in CD-ROMS with audio-track but no Data track. This has been solved.
Normally they should have arrived last week but then my partner who has also done the Projekt Lila Remastered, has died unexpected.
Thank you for your patience. Shipping will start tomorrow.

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Software News : zTools 2.7 available on AMIStore
Posted by zzd10h on 2016/11/1 8:49:30 (266 reads)
Software News

zTools 2.7, new free update, is now available on AMIStore.

This version contains some enhancements for SysMon, aTunes, FastView, FastCompress & Attachmail

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Software News : "Multitheme #1" for Ask Me Up XXL
Posted by glames on 2016/10/24 11:44:29 (251 reads)
Software News

The Multitheme #1 add-on is now available for Ask Me Up XXL, the quiz of general knowledge released for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Windows computers. It includes 400 new questions, divided into 15 themes!

Click [Read more] below, for further info

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Software News : Projekt Lila remastered available now
Posted by phoenixkonsole on 2016/10/21 9:13:31 (226 reads)
Software News

Projekt Lila remastered is now available for indieGO! , ECS AMiGAS with at least 2MB RAM, CD32.

Everyone who has bought Projekt Lila will get it for free including shipping or should have it already.
If you have bought it from another Amiga dealer, please contact me using the email address printed on the inside of the game box.

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Software News : Comicami, a new comic viewer
Posted by walkero on 2016/10/16 9:13:04 (289 reads)

Comicami is a light comic reader for the Amiga OS 4. It is able to read the .cbr and .cbz comic book formats. It is designed to be simple in usage and as fast as possible, without consuming too much memory from your system. Now you can read you comic collection at your beloved Amiga.

New versions will follow soon. Check this out at OS4Depot

If you find any issues or you want to propose a feature, please use the bugtracker and report them.

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Software News : Halloween special double treat for the Classic AmigaOS
Posted by Mikey_C on 2016/10/13 11:37:21 (680 reads)

Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce an update to Workbench 3.1 (v40.43) for Amiga desktops

for Amiga 500/600/1200/2000/3000/4000(T) computers and Amiga emulation software

Click on [Read more], Below

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Software News : Preferences 1.53 released
Posted by Marko on 2016/10/10 9:43:37 (270 reads)
Software News

Preferences is a program that shows a window with grouped icons for launching the prefs-programs found in "SYS:Prefs/", among others. You may see the snapshot(s) for examples how it looks. Supports Tooltypes and a number of languages.

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Software News : Roadshow 1.12 released (68k)
Posted by AndreasM on 2016/10/10 9:43:08 (242 reads)
Software News

The Roadshow TCP/IP stack for the Amiga has been updated to version 1.12 and is available immediately. An updated demonstration version is available, too, as well as the updated software development kit.

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