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Author name in OS4 Depot.Net - Read Me Description
Just popping in
2012/7/16 18:57
From Istanbul
Posts: 227
Dear OS4Depot Staff

I am the author of

simplesmbfsgui.lha net/ser/rem 0.9 42kb 18 Jan 2019 4.1 9 ¤ Sinan Gürkan - Simple SMBFS GUI - A simple Reaction GUI for smbfs

As you can see from above my name is added to readme description. Is it possible to correct this information.

And also it seems like OS4 Depot does not support other ISO-8859 characters. My name is not displayed correctly.

Is it possible to replace "ü" with "u" here ?

Sinan Gurkan

Sinan - AmigaOS4 Beta-Tester
- AmigaOne X5000
- AmigaOne A1222
- Sam460ex
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Re: Author name in OS4 Depot.Net - Read Me Description
Supreme Council
2006/11/16 19:25
From Sweden
Posts: 3227

Yeah I'm having major problems with character conversions since the last server OS migration. It's a bit of a mess with different charsets in the file system, the db and data from all the previous OS migrations.

I haven't had time to fix it lately. But I'll get around to it eventually.

In the mean time I put "u" in your name.

Vacca foeda. Sum, ergo edo

Mr Bobo Cornwater
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