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Use Datatypes Random DSI error ... but work ok.
Quite a regular
2008/11/3 12:06
From South France
Posts: 763
Hi All,

Following the last message concerning DataTypes, I manage to have my images loaded and everything work perfectly, images are ok on screen and on 3D objects but.... Because there is always "but" somewhere ... I get random DSI error ...
When I choose "ignore DSI errors", the program run perfectly and all images are displayed on screen like they should. Showing they are loaded ...
So, what's wrong ? I didn't find why ...

Here is the code :
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

// #include <amiga-align.h>
#include <datatypes/datatypes.h>
#include <datatypes/pictureclass.h>
#include <clib/alib_protos.h>
#include <proto/datatypes.h>
#include <proto/exec.h>
#include <proto/dos.h>
#include <proto/intuition.h>
#include <proto/graphics.h>
// #include <cybergraphx/cybergraphics.h>
// #include <proto/cybergraphics.h>
// #include <default-align.h>

#include <exec/memory.h>

// struct IntuitionBase *MyIntuitionBase;
// struct GfxBase *GfxBase;
// struct Library *CyberGfxBase;
struct Library *DataTypesBase;
struct DataTypesIFace IDataTypes 0;
struct MyPicture{
  int Width;
  int Height;
  int Depth;
  unsigned char *Pixels;
struct MyPicture AllocPictureint Widthint Heightint Depth ){
struct MyPicture *pt NULL;
int Bytes;
Bytes Depth 8;
pt = (struct MyPicture *)IExec->AllocVecsizeofstruct MyPicture ), MEMF_ANY|MEMF_CLEAR );
  if ( 
pt ){
pt->Pixels IExec->AllocVecWidth Height BytesMEMF_ANY );
pt->Width Width;
pt->Height Height;
pt->Depth Depth;

    if ( 
pt->Pixels == NULL ){
IExec->FreeVecpt );
pt NULL;

void FreePicturestruct MyPicture *pt ){
  if ( 
pt ){
IExec->FreeVecpt->Pixels );
pt->Pixels NULL;
IExec->FreeVecpt );

struct MyPicture LoadPictureAPTR FileNameint Alpha ){
struct MyPicture *pt NULL;
Object *dto NULL;
struct BitMapHeader *bmh NULL;
struct pdtBlitPixelArray bpa;
void bpaptr = &bpa;

  if ( !
FileName ) return NULL;

DataTypesBase IExec->OpenLibrary"datatypes.library"43 );
  if ( 
DataTypesBase ){
IDataTypes = ( struct DataTypesIFace *)IExec->GetInterfaceDataTypesBase"main"1NULL );
    if ( 
IDataTypes != ){
dto = ( Object *)IDataTypes->NewDTObject( (STRPTR)FileName,  DTA_GroupID,        GID_PICTURE,
PDTA_DestMode,     PMODE_V43,          PDTA_Remap,
FALSE,             TAG_DONE );
      if ( 
dto ){
nb IDataTypes->GetDTAttrsdtoPDTA_BitMapHeader, &bmhTAG_DONE );
//        nb = IIntuition->GetAttr( PDTA_BitMapHeader, dto, &bmh );
if( nb != ){
int resread;
printf"Sizes: %dx%dx%dn"bmh->bmh_Widthbmh->bmh_Heightbmh->bmh_Depth );
/* Allocation de la structure Picture et du buffer m?moire */
pt AllocPicturebmh->bmh_Widthbmh->bmh_Height32 );
          if ( 
pt != NULL ){
bpa.pbpa_PixelData pt->Pixels;
bpa.pbpa_PixelFormat Alpha?PBPAFMT_RGBA:PBPAFMT_RGB;
bpa.pbpa_PixelArrayMod bmh->bmh_Width 4;
bpa.pbpa_Left 0;
bpa.pbpa_Top 0;
bpa.pbpa_Width bmh->bmh_Width;
bpa.pbpa_Height bmh->bmh_Height;
resread IIntuition->IDoMethodAdtobpaptr );
//            resread = IDataTypes->DoDTMethodA( dto, 0, 0, bpaptr );
printf"Cannot allocate memory for mypicture structuren" );
printf"Impossible to read image data informationsn" );
IDataTypes->DisposeDTObjectdto );
printf"Unable to load filen" );
IExec->DropInterface( ( struct Interface * )IDataTypes );
printf"DataType interface cannot be opened" );
IExec->CloseLibraryDataTypesBase );
printf"impossible to open datatypes.library ver 43+n" );

As you can see in the source code, I tried both Intuition and Datatypes funcions to get Objects attributes and to do method ... Same result ...

Apparently the crash came from MiniGL.library and not from DataTypes as I can see in the crash log file :
"Crash occured in module minigl.library at address 0x6F5C2384"
Symbol Info :
Instruction pointer 0x6F5C23B4 belongs to module "minigl.library" (HUNK/Kickstart)

Hope someone already experienced this and can help :)

After some tests, I suspect WarpPNG is faulty because if I change the WarpDT prefs, I get other issues with images and DSI errors ...


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