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Font problem?
Quite a regular
2006/12/2 0:35
From Sydney
Posts: 698
I am using a small font at present. When IB opens the home page (of this site), it displays the text in a larger font, then redraws the page using the smaller font that I am using. In doing so, it leaves garbage on the end of the line where bigger text used to be.

For example, take Steven Solie's News item "Software News?:?OpenSSH 4.6p1-2 Features and Fixes". It displays first with the word "OpenSSH" at the end of the line, then the page is redrawn with "OpenSSH" back earlier on the line, but the last "SH" is left hanging in mid-air.

Resized Image

Is this an IB or MUI problem?

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Re: Font problem?
Just popping in
2006/12/1 15:25
From UK
Posts: 26

Ooer that does sound a bit weird! Can you send me your ibrowse.prefs file and we'll see if we can reproduce it.

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Re: Font problem?
Quite a regular
2006/11/24 13:43
From Long Riston, East Yorkshire.
Posts: 756

Does 'flush background' from the drop down context menu do anything?

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Re: Font problem?
Just can't stay away
2006/11/24 18:52
From Gloucestershire, UK.
Posts: 1172

Check your MUI prefs, (Built in, windows) try turning on redraw with clear.


Also try a different font, I suggest DejaVu sans Condensed which is a very 'clean' font and looks good at size 12.

Amiga user since 1985
AOS4, A-EON, IBrowse & Alinea Betatester

Ps. I hate the new amigans website. <shudder>
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